Streamers get to play video games for a living and earning serious amounts of cash while doing it: it’s no wonder we all dream about becoming a Twitch pro.

But did you know that the dream is totally within your reach? To start live streaming today, you don’t need a whole suite of expensive equipment. All it takes is an easy-to-use software, like the excellent XSplit Broadcaster Premium – and today we’ve found a lifetime subscription to the app for Windows on sale for just $79. That’s a 60% discount off the regular price of $200.

Consider this your own personal streaming studio. XSplit Broadcaster eliminates the need for a ton of technical experience and sets you up for streaming success with one all-in-one app. It’s the perfect way to get started as a streamer – or, for the friend or family member who has always wanted to become a live streamer, it’s the ideal gift they never knew they needed.

Whether you want to stream or record, XSplit Broadcaster allows you to use simple drag and drop functionality to add and resize media including videos, images, Gifs, to your stream, as well as add multiple animations and broadcast effects to your scenes.

It’ll also work seamlessly with Skype, Zoom, Teams, and Discord video calls, so you can add them to your video in a click. More than just a screen recorder, this smart app also makes it possible to stream and record multiple outputs at once, as well as customize your stream with the app’s built-in Chat plugins. But that’s really just scratching the service of the features on offer here – what you really need to know is that this is your key to creating the exact custom content you’ve always wanted to.

Ready to become a streamer in just a click? Grab the XSplit Broadcaster Premium: Lifetime Subscription (Windows) today with 60% off for $79 (reg. $200).

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