If Josh Duggar gets condemned of kid pornograpy ownership, it will be because of the previous truth star’s monstrous sexual cravings.

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But in regards to the proof that may bring him down?

It will have a lot more to do with Duggar’s pure stupidity.

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After affirming for numerous hours on Thursday afternoon, James Fottrell took the stand once again on Friday at Duggar’s trial in Arkansas.

As the director of the Department of Justice’s High Technology Investigative Unit, Fottrell was called as a witness by the prosecution to look into the hardware-related basis for Duggar’s arrest.

Specifically, Fottrell was inquired about individual forensic examination of the 3 of Duggar’s gadgets that private investigators took:

An individual MacBook, an iPhone and the HP desktop in his workplace.

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As part of his statement, Fottrell provided Duggar’s conserved passwords from his Chrome account, all of which were variations of “intel1988.”

This is the exact same password the prosecution has actually formerly stated was utilized to secure Duggar’s segmented part of his workplace desktop … the part on to which he presumably downloaded videos such as the one explained HERE .

These lawyers went on to keep in mind that “Intel1988” consists of Duggar’s birth year, 1988.


 Josh Duggar is the Worst

Fottrell affirmed that exact same password or variations of it (consisting of “inteljjd” and “intel1988!”) were discovered either on the conserved passwords list or in Josh’s computer system notes, some going back to 2014.

In other words?

Duggar apparently utilized the very same password to download sexually graphic videos of minors as he had actually been utilizing in other locations of his life for several years.

Why is this pertinent? Why could it be so destructive to Duggar’s defense?

 Josh Duggar is a Bad Dad

Because legal representatives for the dad of 7 are basing their argument on the possibility that another person downloaded this product on Josh’s computer system; possibly a colleague at his pre-owned automobile dealer.

They aren’t arguing that the product does not exist.

They’re merely attempting to plant affordable doubt in the minds of jurors that Duggar was accountable for its existence on the computer system.

This would appear like a difficult indicate make if the password to the dark Web area of the computer system was the exact same one Duggar has actually been utilizing considering that 2014.

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Heck, according to records Fottrell discovered on Duggar’s MacBook, “intel1988” was likewise utilized for the Duggar household Instagram represent an amount of time.

Elsewhere in his testament, Fottrell described how text and geolocated images put Duggar’s mobile phone at or near his work computer system … at the very same time these downloads happened in May 2019.

On Thursday, Fottrell stated he discovered a video entitled “Daisy’s Destruction” on Duggar’s computer system.

It consists of a baby being tortured and was amongst the “most offending” he had actually seen in his profession,” Fottrell stated on the stand.

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The trial, which started on Tuesday, is anticipated to last an overall of 5 to 6 days.

As part of the case versus Duggar, the prosecution has revealed a few of the abhorrent video footage found on the previously mentioned computer system’s hard disk drive.

If founded guilty of the charges versus him, Josh Duggar confronts 20 years of jail time and as much as $250,000 in fines on each of the 2 counts.

He might be sentenced to an overall of 40 years behind bars.


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