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Japanese Female Entrepreneurs who Thrive Against the Odds

Gender gap in various industries has been a topic of discussion with there being a huge gap in the percentage of women who are startup entrepreneurs. This is especially true in Japan, where the gender gap in the startup community is even wider than the U.S. This article by Business Insider Japan explains that in […]

A couple bought an abandoned farmhouse in rural Japan for $30,000 and has spent 2 years renovating it. Here’s how they turned it into their dream family home.

The Thursfield household in front of their home today. Jaya Thursfield .An Australian-Japanese couple paid $30,000 for a deserted home in rural Japan in 2019.They'' ve invested 2 years and approximately $150,000 refurbishing the standard farmhouse.They upgraded the bathroom and kitchen, changed the majority of the floor covering, and changed all the electrical circuitry and […]