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Is CRL checking required for wired 802.1x on Windows?

I'm running into sporadic issues with Windows clients failing to authenticate with wired 802.1x. We're using an internally signed certificate on our authentication server and it is trusted by the clients. The server certificate does have CRL/OCSP distribution points listed. Logs from the machine do show that during authentication the client is failing to reach […]

Strange Problem with Ethernet Connectivity on DGS-108/GS108 Switches

Hi, I have a very strange problem with respect to connectivity on DGS-108/GS108 switches. Background: I am working on developing a embedded hardware which uses i.MX8M Mini System on Chip. Atheros AR8031 Ethernet Trans-receiver is installed on this board. This embedded hardware runs a minimal variant of Linux OS which supports the Ethernet software stack […]