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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 review: Second time’s the charm

Samsung wowed everyone during CES 2020 when it debuted the svelte Galaxy Chromebook — a fire-engine-red Chrome OS laptop with top specs, an S Pen stylus, and an eye-watering $999 price tag to match. The Chromebook ended up hitting the market with two defining features: an amazing 4K display and utterly abysmal battery life. With […]

Apple’s new iPad Pro improves upon last year’s with a faster processor and 5G support – but the upgrade is really for power users

If you purchase through our links, we might make money from affiliate partners. Learn more. iPad Pro. Apple The 2021 Apple iPad Pro functions enhanced specifications while keeping the 2020 design '' s$ 799 beginning cost. You can preorder the brand-new tablet beginning April 30, and systems are anticipated to deliver in mid-May.The M1 processor […]