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Eye-Tracking Device is a Tiny Movie Theatre for Jumping Spiders

A safe short-term adhesive on top (and a foam ball for a perch) holds a spider in front of a micro film projector and IR cam. Spiders were not damaged in the research study. To do this, scientists needed to get smart. The unblinking lenses of a spider’s 2 front-facing main eyes do stagnate. Rather, […]

A former CIA officer opens up about his Havana Syndrome: 3 years of headaches, early retirement, and a fight for care

Marc Polymeropoulos, a retired CIA officer, thinks he was assaulted in Moscow in 2017. Marc Polumeropoulous; Sergey Alimov/Getty Images; Gary Hershorn/Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Insider .Victims of the strange Havana Syndrome have brain injuries without ever striking their heads. More than 130 United States workers have actually reported signs following occurrences in Cuba, China, Russia, and […]