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Apple Take Note, Hyundai Builds Cars And This Tiny Computer

Hyundai produces some great cars but here’s something you probably didn’t know: it also produces loads of electronics and has just launched its new Mini PC line. As its name implies, this device is tiny, measuring just 6.47-inches long, 5.31-inches wide, a 1.25-inches high, meaning it isn’t much bigger than an old-school portable hard drive […]

MacBook Battery Dying? Check Which Apps Are Using The Most Energy

If it seems like your MacBook is losing power faster than it should, it’s important to know that Apple provides a handy tool that can help identify which apps are using the most energy. As a portable device, there could be instances when just a little more time is needed between charges. With the knowledge of which apps have […]

Apple’s September Event Proves Leaks Shouldn’t Always Be Believed

Apple ‘s September ‘California Streaming’ occasion was an exceptional example of why leakages can’t constantly be relied on, no matter how dependable the source appears. Even when several sources share details, and have actually even supposedly seen the gadget in concern, Apple may do something that is the specific reverse of these assertions. While leakages […]

Facebook’s ‘New’ VR Workrooms Aren’t As Groundbreaking As They Seem

Facebook simply revealed an invite-only beta variation of its Horizon Workrooms that brings individuals and computer systems into a virtual work area, however the idea has actually currently been executed by another business and it’s possible to begin totally free. Telepresence has actually been gone over for several years and can be found in various […]

Quick Way To Customize Screensaver in Windows 10 | Easy Working Trick

Are you fed up of seeing the black screen on your computer system when it is not in usage for a while? You must go for a screensaver. Generally, screensavers are a computer system program that fills the screen with images … Read more The post Quick Way To Customize Screensaver in Windows 10|Easy Working […]

Macbook vs Chromebook: Which Is The Ultimate Laptop For College

College is almost here and it’s time to think of essentials for if you’re starting life on campus, such as what laptop can reliably take a student through years at university with the best portability, battery life, and support. Typically, the two best laptops recommended for new students are Apple’s Macbook Pro and Google’s Chromebook, but how do […]

Flexispot’s Kana Pro Standing Desk Combines Features And Style

Office desk technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past decade or so, and manufacturer Flexispot is one of a handful of names that seems to come up time and again. The brand is just rolling out its new Kana Pro standing desk, which is one of the company’s higher-end standing desk offerings, and it’s […]

How To Sign Up For A Windows 365 Free Trial (If You Can)

Microsoft launched its cloud-PC-for-rent service called Windows 365 last week, but the demand has apparently been so high that the company had to shut down access to the free trial. For those unaware of the concept, Microsoft will rent a Windows 10 (or Windows 11) cloud PC that can be accessed via a web browser. […]