Recent KB5003173 update is causing 0x800f0922 errors in Windows 10

Earlier this week, Microsoft released the KB5003173 update for Windows 10. With no known issues, coupled with the fact it is a cumulative update rather than something brand new, we posited that it should be an update free from problem; it seems like we may have spoken too soon. Growing numbers of people are experiencing failed installation with KB5003173 and are seeing an error 0x800f0922. While yet to be confirmed, it appears that the problem is related to the manual removal of the forcibly installed Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. See also: Microsoft invites you to take part in a Windows 10… [Continue Reading]

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How To Download And Install AOC Monitor Driver On Windows 10?

 How To Install and download AOC Monitor Driver On Windows 10

If you have actually acquired the AOC display for your computer system, then it is necessary to set up the suitable chauffeurs on your PC. Without these chauffeurs, the AOC display will not show the graphics and colors effectively. Chauffeurs are brief programs that assist interact and move commands and messages in between the software application and hardware. This guide will assist to set up the AOC screen motorist on your Windows 10 PC .

.How To Install and download AOC Monitor Driver In Windows 10?

Two various methods can be utilized to set up and download AOC Monitor Driver on your computer system. You can either set up the motorists by hand or utilize a motorist updater software application to automate the procedure.

.Handbook Method For Installing AOC Monitor Driver On Windows 10.

The manual approach to assist in an AOC chauffeur download on your PC needs effort and time to finish. It includes browsing to the main site and after that looking for the most suitable motorist for your hardware. You need to download and install it. Here are the actions in information:

Step 1: Identify the Model variety of your AOC Monitor.

Step 2: Navigate to the AOC Official Website .

Step 3: Type the design number in the search box followed by Enter.

 AOC Monitor

Step 4: Click on Support and Scroll down up until you find the chauffeur Section.


Step 5: Click on Driver and download the file.


Step 6: You will need to bring and carry out the file out the on-screen directions to finish the setup.

Step 7: Restart the computer system to let the modifications work.

This technique is ensured to work 100% of the time however it needs the user to determine the design number, look for the motorist, download and install it on the computer system.

.Automatic Method to Initiate AOC Driver Install.

The 2nd technique to download the AOC display motorist on your computer system is to utilize a chauffeur updater application like Smart Driver Care . This exceptional software application can reduce things up by getting rid of the lengthy and tiring procedure of chauffeur upgrade into a simple and quick automated technique. Smart Driver Care will initially scan your total system and after that look for motorists set up on your PC. It will then examine its database and compare the motorists and if required will change all the corrupt or out-of-date chauffeurs with the most suitable ones. Here are the actions to utilize Smart Driver Care on your PC:

Note: Make sure your AOC screen is linked to your PC and switched on prior to you start the following actions.

Step 1: Install and download Smart Driver Care on your computer system by striking on the download button listed below.


Step 2: Carry out the on-screen triggers to set up the application.

Step 3: Click on the Scan Now button under Scan Drivers to begin the scan.


Step 4: After the scan is total, you will get a list of all the motorists’ ’ plug-in concerns within the app user interface.

 upgrade all

Step 5: Look for AOC Monitor in the list of chauffeur mistakes and click the upgrade chauffeur link beside it.

Step 6: Once the procedure finishes, reboot your computer system.

.The Final Word On How To Install AOC Monitor Driver On Windows 10 PC.

Drivers are an essential element of your PC as they assist to preserve a link in between the software and hardware. It may show the windows screen however the colours would be like a VGA screen when you plugin your display. After you set up the motorists, it would show their complete performance and colors. Smart Driver Care will upgrade your display motorists along with other chauffeurs in your PC making sure that you do not deal with any concerns due to motorist updates.

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Renewed 2020 MacBook Pros are almost $400 off at Amazon

 Restored 2020 MacBook Pros are practically $400 off at Amazon

CONSERVE $379.01: Amazon is using restored 2020 MacBook Pros at $379.01 off the initial rate — — do not fret, they look and work fantastic.

Don’t let the words “reconditioned” or “restored” scare you away. These gadgets are frequently completely practical alternatives and can wind up conserving you a great deal of cash without compromising much quality at all. “Refurbs” normally go through strenuous screening to ensure they’re still in great shape. Often, an accredited reconditioned gadget has never ever even left its initial product packaging.

That’s why you should not skip this discount rate on restored 2020 MacBook Pros at Amazon. Now, you can snag one for $ 379.01 off the initial rate . That’s a sweet offer for a fairly brand-new laptop computer, if you ask us. Read more …

More about Laptops , Macbook Pro , Mashable Shopping , Tech , and Work Life .

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Psychonauts Available Now with Xbox Game Pass

Earlier this month, we announced that the original Psychonauts would be coming soon to Xbox Game Pass, and today we’re excited to share that Psychonauts is available now with Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and on Android phones and tablets via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta). Psychonauts is a psychic-comedy adventure from the mind of Tim Schafer and brought to life by the strange game-wizards at Double Fine Productions. The game follows the story of a young psychic acrobat named Razputin, where you explore the fantastic realm of the inner mind – join the Psychonauts!

Originally released in 2005, Psychonauts has resonated with fans of all ages for nearly two decades thanks to its mixture of comedic storytelling and inventive level-design. As Raz expands his psychic abilities, he must leap into the minds of those around him and explore levels based on their personalities and neuroses. A happy-go-lucky Psychonaut agent’s mind is a constant dance party with secrets lurking in the unlit corners; the mind of a conspiracy theorist is full of twisting roads and pathways that loop in every direction imaginable. Combined with sharp wit and a cast of memorable characters, every step forward in Psychonauts is a step into the unknown and wonderful world of our minds.

Double Fine Productions is immensely pleased to bring Psychonauts to Xbox Game Pass, allowing diehard fans and new players alike to experience the classic that started everything ahead of the release of Psychonauts 2 later this year. Keep an eye on the studio’s Twitter for more information on a “book club” style series of streams that span an entire playthrough of the game and feature guests who worked on it back in the “old days.”


Xbox Live


Double Fine Productions




Get it now

Xbox One X Enhanced

Xbox Game Pass

This classic action/adventure platformer from acclaimed developers Double Fine Productions follows the story of a young psychic named Razputin. In his quest to join the Psychonauts–an elite group of international psychic secret agents–he breaks into their secret training facility: Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. But this is no average psychic summer camp! A mysterious villain has kidnapped Raz’s fellow campers and stolen their brains. Now he must use his psychic powers of Telekinesis, Levitation, and most of all his ability to project himself into the minds of others–to find the loose noodles and keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Fight mental demons! Uncover hidden memories! Sort emotional baggage! Explore the fantastic realm of the inner mind! Join the Psychonauts!

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Call of the Sea – Official Accolades Trailer

See what some critics are stating about the first-person puzzle experience video game, Call of the Sea, offered now for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass, and PC.

#GameTrailers #Gaming #CalloftheSea

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Chocolatey For Business / Chocolatey Professional Coming May 2

This is a very exciting time for Chocolatey! Over the past 5 years, there have been some amazing points in Chocolatey’s history. Now we are less than 10 days from another historical moment for Chocolatey – when licensed editions become available for purchase! This is the moment when we are able to offer features that enable businesses to better manage software through Chocolatey and offer non-free features to our community! This also marks when the community (and organizations) take the next step to ensure the longevity of Chocolatey for the next 10-20 years. I started this process with a dream and a Kickstarter and now it’s finally coming to fruition!


Here is a list of the licensed features that will be coming in May. I really think you are going to like what we’ve been cooking up:

Malware protection / Virus scanning – Automatic protection from software flagged by multiple virus scanners – Read more…
No more 404s – Alternate permanent download location for Professional customers. Read more…
Integration with existing Antivirus – Great for businesses that don’t want to reach out to VirusTotal.
(Business Only) Create packages from software files/installers – Do you keep all the applications you install for your business internally somewhere? Chocolatey can automatically create packages for all the software your organization uses in under 5 minutes! – Shown as a preview in a March webinar (fast forward to 36:45)
Install Directory Switch – You no longer need to worry about the underlying directives to send to native installers to install software into special locations. You can simply pass one directory switch to Chocolatey and it will handle this for you.
Support and prioritization of bugs and features for customers.

Sold! But How Do I Buy?

While we are still getting the front end systems setup and ensuring all of the backend systems are in place and working properly, we are limiting availability to the first 500 professional licenses and 20 businesses (Note: we do not expect any issues with our payment processor). Because we are limiting availability, you must register for the Go Live Event at if you are interested.

It bears repeating, the links for purchase will only be sent to folks who have registered for the event, so secure your spot now!

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Docker on Western Devs

In a month, I’’ ll be trying to pester my share of splendor at MeasureUP with a talk on utilizing Docker for individuals who might not believe it affects them. In it, I’’ ll show some usages of Docker today in a.NET application. As I get ready for this talk, there’’ s something we Western Devs have actually forgotten to discuss. Particularly, a few of us are currently utilizing Docker routinely simply to publish on the website.

Western Devs utilizes Jekyll. Somebody recommended it, I attempted it, it worked well, choice was done. Other than that it doesn’’ t work well on Windows’. It ’ s not formally supported on the platform and while there’’ s a excellent guide on getting it running, we sanctuary ’ t had the ability to do so ourselves.’Some problem with a gem we ’ re utilizing and Nokogiri and lib2xml and some such rubbish.


So in an effort to simplify things, Amir Barylko produce a Docker image . It ’ s based upon the Ruby base image( variation 2.2). After getting the base image, it will:

. Set up some plans for constructing Ruby.Set up the bundler gem. Clone the source code into the/ root/jekyllfolder. Run package set up. Expose port 4000, the defaultport for running Jekyll.

With this in location, Windows users can run the site in your area without needing to set up Ruby, Python, or Jekyll. The command to release the container is:


docker run -t -p 4000:4000 -v// c/path/to/ code:/ root/jekyll abarylko/western-devs: v1 sh -c ‘package set up &&rake serve’


This will:

. produce a container based upon the abarylko/western-devs: v1 image.export port 4000 to the host VM. map the course to the source code on your maker to/ root/jekyll in the container. run package set up &&rake serve to upgrade gems and launch Jekyll in the container.

To make this work 100&%, you likewise require to expose port 4000 in VirtualBox so that it ’ s noticeable from the VM to the host. I ’ ve had problem getting’a container working with my regional source situated anywhere other than C: Users mysuername. There ’ s a consent problem someplace in there where the container appears to effectively map the drive however can ’ t in fact see the contents of the’folder. This manifests itself in a mistake message that states Gemfile not discovered.


Now, Windows users can browse to localhost:4000 and see the website running in your area. They can include and make modifications to their posts, conserve them, and the modifications will get shown in the web browser. Ultimately, that is. When the modifications in fact get shown, I ’ ve observed a 10-15 2nd hold-up in between the time you push Save to the time. Sanctuary ’ t identified a root cause for this. Possibly we simply require to soup up the VM.


So far, this has actually been working fairly well for us. To the point, where fellow Western Dev, Dylan Smith has actually automated the implementation of the image to Azure by means of a Powershell script . That will be the topic of a different post. Which will offer me time to find out how the important things works.

. Initially published to:


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Are ‘Centaurs’ Actual Cryptids Encountered In North America?

A woman in South Carolina believes that she witnessed a ‘centaur.’ Is that possible? Well, I include reports of encounters with centaurs by the Navajo and other witnesses.

I recently came across the following account:

“I never told this story to anybody but my daughter, because I knew nobody would believe me. I don’t even believe it.I worked at a video store back in the early 90’s in South Carolina, and this couple came up to the counter to pay for their movies. They were talking and the girl was saying I know what I saw it was a centaur. I was like huh? Her friend said, you must have been drinking something or on drugs. After they left I was thinking the same thing, that girl was on something because there’s no such think as a centaur.Fast forward a couple of months, My boyfriend and I were going to a racetrack about an hour away from our town. We were making small conversation and I looked to the side of the road. The road we were on was known for deer and I was looking out. As I continued to look I saw a man on a horse. As we got closer it wasn’t a man on a horse he was a part of the horse. I turned to my boyfriend and asked him did he see it. He didn’t and I was not going to tell him what I saw, because he didn’t believe in that sort of thing.I wondered if this was what the girl in the video store saw. I just can’t believe what I saw, a centaur that’s made up? Right?” MD—–I received an email describing possible centaur evidence found near the Navajo Reservation in northwest New Mexico. I later forwarded it to crypto investigator JC Johnson for his assessment. I have reported on these beings in the past, it is not a cryptid that you hear much about:When you think of a ‘Centaur’ the vision is usually of a mythological creature from Greek origin. It’s head, arms, and chest are those of a human and the rest of its body, including four legs, hindquarters, and a tail is like that of a horse.There is the legend of Ixion who was purified by Zeus of a first murder of kin, a horrifying deed. The shameless man repaid this honor by trying to seduce Hera. The goddess told her husband. When Zeus learned about this passion he made a disguised model of Hera, a cloud likeness, to see how obsessed he was with his wife.Ixion was so deeply in love with Hera that he slept with the disguised model. Zeus punished Ixion by chaining him to a winged and fiery wheel, which revolved forever in Tartarus. The cloud gave birth to a creature named Centaurus. It was Centaurus that descended upon a herd of Magnesian mares and conceived the Centaurs.There have been stories of similar creatures throughout the ages but in locations that you’d most likely not imagine.I received the following email from M.B. who is Navajo:”Hey Lon…this is a second hand account that I heard from my father’s trusted friend. I’m sorry I can’t provide any more details than what I was told from the witness.When my father’s friend was younger he was a Deputy for the Apache Reservation Police. I believe it happened in the early 1980s, but not sure. One night he was on patrol in his squad car alone on the reservation. He was driving along the deserted highway that passed through town. When he reached the church he saw something moving back and forth along the church, peering into the windows. He stopped the car on the highway, and observed for a while. It was too dark to make out much at first. Then, the dark shape took notice of him and began moving out of the shadows and into the front of the church.I forget exactly whether he then moved the police car into the parking lot to intercept the man, or if he stopped the car shortly after making a move but either way the headlights helped illuminate what he saw.Under the orange light of the street lights was a 8 foot tall Demon-Centaur!!! The bottom half was indeed a dark haired horse, while where the neck and head should have been was the upper torso of a man. The man was staring right at him as it strolled by, all 4 hooves clanking on the pavement. His skin was a dark red and it had horns on either side of his head. He said they were like ram horns, curled around on either side of his skull. He was terrified and while the thought of shooting the beast crossed his mind, he reasoned against it. He didn’t want to provoke it and have it attack him. It completed crossing the road, and down a steep slope into a farmland field below. Once it reached this open ground, he watched as it started to run away as fast as possible until it disappeared into the darkness and trees beyond.He was deeply troubled after the encounter and couldn’t reason why a demonic creature would be looking into a building as holy as a church. The way he told the story, you couldn’t help but believe it to be true and I’m sure that it actually happened.I’ve had weird encounters myself, and lots and lots of 2nd hand stories from friends/family on the Navajo and Apache Reservations. I shouldn’t talk about many of those though. Being Native American, talking about these weird things can have negative repercussions to those involved.” M.B.I contacted my friend JC Johnson, who confirmed that there have been similar sightings in the Four Corners / Navajo Reservation area for some time. In fact he forwarded a sketch of one of these creatures by Elder Leonard Dan, who states that he has had encounters with these beings:Sketch by Leonard DanI later recalled a strange sighting in Michigan in 2006:Location: Between Battle Creek & Bellevue, Michigan – January/February 2006 – nightA woman driving alone on a road between both towns had to slow down for a stop sign. Suddenly a creature of very large size jumped up over a snow bank and ran “10 yards a second”. It was coming towards the car. She further described the creature as “enormous and its body as white as the snow around it”. It had tiny little legs, like animal goat legs but very small. She had the impression that parts of it were like a man and other parts of it were an animal. According to her it either grabbed, or reached for the door handle but he car was locked. She said its fingers were incredibly long, “long, long fingers and nails”. It was so incredibly fast that she did not see a face or anything else. She mentioned that another car of people had also seen it too; they had stopped and looking at it at one point.Source: unknowncreaturespot “2006 Michigan centaur sighting”There was another incident in Melbourne, Florida:”Three friends and I saw an apparition, possibly of a demon, when we were all around 10 years old. Myself, another boy and his two sisters were riding bikes together down a sidewalk that ran along the outskirts of our neighborhood The end of that sidewalk is at a beach-side highway in Melbourne, Florida.Nearing the highway, with me leading the pack, the boy put his hand on my shoulder and made me stop riding. When I looked back at them, both girls were staring straight ahead with tears in their eyes, and the boy pointed for me to look. Not knowing what they could be pointing at because I had just been looking that direction when they stopped me, I looked and saw what I can only say was a centaur on the sidewalk in between us and the highway. The sun had just risen above the horizon and was at the creature’s back, so the whole figure was cast in shadow, but I could make out that it had a very muscular, had a reddish torso, a horse’s four legs and was over six feet tall. Next to it was a thicket of palmetto and palm trees from which a person could have jumped out in a clever costume, although the quickness of appearance and the incredible detail of the creature would make me doubt that.Needless to say, my first move was to turn around and jet, and the others had already done so. Before we pedaled around the corner, I looked and it was still standing there, and I was very relieved that it was not chasing us. After we had reached a safe distance, we celebrated our escape.Unfortunately, I lost touch with my friends when I moved away that year. When I came back at the age of 15, I lived right by the sidewalk again, and one night from my room, I heard frantic yelling by the road, and came out to discover that a kid had been struck by a car crossing from the beach over to the sidewalk where I had seen the centaur. The family was much too shaken up for me to talk with them, and the boy had been killed instantly, so I won’t know if he saw something, but it is a very odd coincidence, if that.I’ve just started trying to recontact my friends to see if they saw the same creature as I, or if we all saw our own version of what we thought the devil looked like, as we didn’t discuss it in detail at the time.” – paranormal.about.comA few years ago, there were Centaur-like sightings in the Cree Nation of Alberta, Canada:”There is definitely a growing phenomena up here in Alberta, Canada. Specifically, the location is better known as Hobbema, a place comprised of 4 distinct Cree Indian reservations. These sightings I speak of occur on the Samson Cree reserve, in and around the high school area.When I first heard about it, I was skeptical and proceeded to tease my friends, thinking they were trying to pull to wool over my eyes. They were neither insulted nor deterred from sharing with me that in conjunction with their own personal experiences, there is an actual video tape of this “centaur” creating violent havoc inside the school in a hallway near a main exit. Other stories they shared have to do with sightings at night, where the centaur actually chases them or appears suddenly out of nowhere.It is far to easy to pass this off as “something in the water,” for the Hobbema Cree peoples of this area have experienced generations of trauma. The brief history of this location has everything to do with the discovery of rich deposits of oil in the middle of the 1900’s. Once harvested, the residents of this area became incredibly rich. However, due to the lack of a holistic education, and decades of dysfunction throughout the community wrought by the Canadian government and the Churches, the locals were unable to fathom and properly adjust to their fortune to the fullest extent.This resulted in various forms of chaos throughout the later part of the century, for the oil royalties were distributed to every reserve member, and their children as well when they turned 18. The mortality rate increased over time in this area, most due to suicide and murder. Today, we see an entire generation of youth, that have completely bought into the ghettoization of their communities and are largely atheist.In regards to the phenomena of the centaur sightings, it is known throughout the remaining Spiritual community of this area that these “beings” are making themselves known because in the eyes of the youth, there is nothing to believe in anymore. Sightings as such are creating panic and fear, and the phenomena has therefore become demonized by word of mouth.I am not a community member of this area. Nor have I seen or witnessed anything of the like. However, I have heard this from more than one person from that area and at this stage, I cannot write it off to just coincidence. When I heard of this website, and the kind of work being conducted in communities across the United States, I realized I had to submit something herein in the hopes of generating interest, and hopefully to come across someone else that believes in something of this sort.” – pennstateprs.comThen there was this follow-up to the post:”I have heard of many stories like this in First Nation reserves in Saskatchewan. I actually have heard of one in Cotes FN, Kawcatoose FN, Kamsack area and in 2003 there was the sighting of a Centaur at Standing Buffalo’s FN Pow Wow. I think that it appears to people to tell others that there’s something wrong. That there is something wrong in the community. Maybe black magic? We all know as native people that there native people who do practice the bad ways. Sure, there are the good ways but on the other hand so is the dark ways. Personally, I think that when native people practice these dark ways that this centaur or thing will appear to help those ones that practice such bad practices. This thing helps them. I have heard so many stories of this centaur. the most famous one is the sighting at Standing Buffalo powwow. I do not know what the Elders did over there. One Elder had to have a special ceremony and singers were requested from far away to help in the ceremony. The singers who were traveling from far away could sense this evil thing and one singer actually turned around and didn’t attend the ceremony because he was afraid. The spirits were afraid of the old man conducting the ceremony. But the spirits helped by taking that evil thing centaur and banishing it to the pits of the mountains. I know there are a lot of native people who have heard such stories and I am curious to know what did their Elders do in such circumstances?” – pennstateprs.comThe following video capture from a displaced trail cam was sent to me in the summer of 2011 from a resident in York County, PA. The witness set out the trail cams after observing a ‘centaur-like’ being in the woods around their home:There has not been an identification to date. The witness has not captured further evidence.NOTE: Are there Centaurs or similar creatures roaming North America? I’d been interested in your comments and/or evidence that you may have. Thanks. Lon


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10 Incredible Airbnb Rentals with Pools to Kick Off Your Summer

Warm weather condition and stunning PNW days are upon us. Now is the ideal time for household weekend (or week-long) vacations. We’ve rounded up some Airbnbs that are driving range from Portland and sure to make a splash with the kiddos if you are looking to next-level your team’s vacay! These leasings have some seriously cool features consisting of extraordinary swimming pools that provide hours and hours of play time. Keep reading to learn more.

picture: Airbnb..River House|Grants Pass.

Head to Southern Oregon to delight in the spectacular Rogue River with your team. While you exist, remain at this pet-friendly trip rental house which boasts whatever you and your household requirement for a best journey to Grants Pass, Oregon. Voted Home of the Year in 1951 in Better Home and Gardens, the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home includes a sofa bed, personal swimming pool, sensational yard, and access to the lovely Rogue River. Whether your strategies consist of relaxing by the swimming pool, rafting down the river, or checking out the close-by lavender farms, you’re sure to have an extraordinary experience!

Sleeps: 6Costs: $266/nightOnline:

picture: Airbnb..Cozy Mountain Home|Sunriver.

Sunriver uses households an abundance of activities like Paddle boarding down Deschutes River, massages at Sage Springs Club &&Spa, playing golf at Woodlands Golf Course, walkings through the Lava River Cave, and the Oregon Observatory. When you aren’t out exploring this personal house lives on the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, situated in the well-known Sunriver Resort. Its floor-to-ceiling windows offer stunning forest views from the indoor swimming pool which the entire household makes certain to take pleasure in. The roomy cabin offers your living room to play and unwind and the stone wall surfaces provide this house an abundance of heat and convenience. Your house includes an indoor swimming pool and health club, a firepit, and unblocked views of Mt Bachelor, making it the ideal retreat following a day of experience

Sleeps: 12Cost: $449Online:

picture: Airbnb..The Aloha House|Ashland.

Head to Southern Oregon where you will discover this spectacular hill retreat with views that go for miles. Your household will never ever wish to leave this splendid retreat which provides adequate area for dining and a stunning swimming pool. Found above simply 1.5 miles from downtown Ashland, the house is nestled in a forested community with simple access to dining, parks, theater, and shopping. The residential or commercial property includes 2 different studios linked by a distinctively developed outside home with a swim-jet swimming pool, day spa, outside shower, bar, and dining location that greatly broadens the possibilities for enjoyable and relaxing throughout your stay.

Sleeps: 4Costs: $479Online:

image: Airbnb..Estate with Pool|Beachfront.

Seaside supplies limitless enjoyable for going to households. When you lease this beautiful house, level up the beach experience. This Northwest design house has actually been entirely renovated with gorgeous information that are both contemporary and welcoming. It has 4 bed rooms offering your team loads of area to expand. And the swimming pool is ideal for afternoons filled with splashy play. The house has an open layout with the fantastic space open up to the cooking area. Both spaces neglect the pool so everybody can take pleasure in each other despite where they lie.

Sleeps: 8Costs: $650/nightOnline:

picture: Airbnb..Amazing Oceanfront Home + Pool &&Spa|Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach has actually caught the hearts of numerous Portland households, and this home will too. From the big living-room with a lot of seating where everybody can take in the ocean views to the fireplace and big flat screen TELEVISION, this area seems like a house far from house. The genuine draw to this home is the swimming pool which is 13 x 31 feet with an incorporated Spa. The swimming pool is heated up to 86 degrees and the Spa to 104. The Spa has 20 jets so mother and father can take pleasure in unwinding massages while the kids play and sprinkle.

Sleeps: 8Cost: 1,021/ nightOnline:

image: Airbnb..Manzanita Pool House|Manzanita, OR.

There are numerous lovely beach towns in Oregon, and Manzanita is a preferred for numerous households. This oceanfront house has more than 6,000 square feet of living area for your team to extend in. It boasts lots of features consisting of a theater space, recreation room, big outside patio area and deck along with an unbelievable swimming pool! When your kiddos aren’t playing in tide swimming pools or sprinkling in the browse, they’ll like swimming in the luxury Swim-Ex indoor swim swimming pool. Mother and father may even delight in doing some laps.

Sleeps: 16Costs: $950/nightOnline:

picture: Airbnb..Beautiful Abode|Lake Oswego.

Almost a staycation, this extraordinary house lies in Lake Oswego. Simply 8 miles from downtown Portland, and just 1/2 mile from the Lake, you’ll be pleased to discover that this area is strolling range from fantastic dining establishments your household will enjoy. That isn’t all they will like. from the stunning swimming pool to the ping pong table, to the fire pit and more, there are unlimited chances for household enjoyable. And if you lack things to do at the house, Tyron Creek Park is nearby simply waiting to be checked out.

Sleeps: 10Costs: $697Online:

image: Airbnb..Modern Reed Way Ranch|Portland.

Have you thought about a staycation? Or, do you have household wanting to visit this summer season? This Split level, bright mid-century cattle ranch house includes a swimming pool best for long days filled with splashing and playing. Found in a peaceful area in SE Portland this house likewise has a garden, double lot, and is strolling range to Reed Canyon and Trader Joe’s. Perk: for a little charge, your furry household member can remain. Bring Fido!

Sleeps: 5Cost: $489/nightOnline:

picture: Airbnb..Nation Oasis|Aurora, OR.

Just a 30 minute drive from Portland, situated simple minutes from Multnomah Falls and about a half-hour from Yamhill red wine nation, there is an ideal house for a household getaway. This 4000 sq feet house lives on 7 acres and includes a pool that is heated May through September in addition to jacuzzi. The swimming pool location has a different restroom with a shower and the house has a big cooking area and dining location along with an excellent space with swimming pool table, and cinema TELEVISION. Your entire household will fall for this area, which is ensured to seem like a house far from house.

Sleeps:8 Cost: $680/nightOnline:

image: Airbnb..Home on the River|Bend OR.

You’ll discover this area on a tree-lined street in Bend, Oregon. stunning 18′ natural cedar wood cathedral ceilings and the abundance of natural light that radiates through the extensive photo windows in the living-room and dining-room to the beautiful views of the river, surrounding trees and wildlife. The kids will enjoy sprinkling in the swimming pool while mother and father unwind in the connected health club. The remarkable family-friendly facilities do not stop there. There is recreation room with a swimming pool table, ping pong table, air hockey and 50″ TELEVISION. This area completely compliments the outside experience you’ll discover in the Bend location producing the best weekend or week-long household getaway.

Sleeps: 11Cost: $302/nightOnline:

—– Annette Benedetti


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14 examples of augmented reality brand experiences

The global AR market is projected to grow from $6.12 billion in 2021 to reach $97.76 billion by 2028. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated investment of late, driven by the greater need for companies to deepen customer relationships via digital platforms.

Within the context of marketing, augmented reality allows brands to offer unique and immersive digital experiences, and to engage consumers in a memorable way. Here’s a list of some of the brands to create AR-based experiences in recent times, and what they achieved from doing so.

A Marketer’s Guide to Augmented Reality (AR)

1. Walmart – testing AR for inventory

In October 2020, Walmart announced that it would be turning four of its physical retail stores into ‘test stores’ for the purpose of trying out new technology (with the aim of enhancing all stores to become both physical shopping destinations and online fulfilment centres).

An important element of these stores is inventory control, with one test involving an app that is designed to speed up the time it takes to transport items from the backroom to the sales floor. The app uses augmented reality to do so, allowing employees to hold up a handheld device (which will then highlight the boxes ready to go), rather than scanning each individual box.

walmart ar beta for restocking


This is one example of augmented reality being used to enhance internal processes, effectively creating a more seamless and faster workflow. Despite not being visible to customers, Walmart says that “regardless, it’s the customer who will benefit”, with the technology ultimately helping to enhance the customer experience by putting more products on shelves, faster than before.

2. Snap – City Painter

In October 2020, Snap unveiled ‘City Painter’ in London’s Carnaby Street. The AR tool enables users to virtually spray paint above the street’s shops, decorating them with pre-created murals. One of the most unique aspects of ‘City Painter’ is that it is a shared augmented reality experience, meaning any changes that a person makes is seen in real-time by others using it.

‘City Painter’ is the first major example of Local Lenses – Snap’s ambition to create a shared virtual world by mapping major landmarks. In a promotional video the company explains that by “using various sources of data, 360-degree images, and community snaps – we are able to build up a digital representation of the physical world.”

As the tool progresses, there will undoubtedly be potential for brands to get involved, particularly tourism or travel brands that want to capitalise on the renewed consumer desire for exploration and adventure.

3. ASOS – ‘See My Fit’ 

Asos is no stranger to mobile innovation, having previously integrated visual search into its highly usable mobile app. By 2019, Asos had fully got on board with AR, launching an experimental AR feature called Virtual Catwalk, designed to help app users visualise 100 Asos Design products.

As the pandemic hit in 2020, models and photographers were forced to work from home, resulting in Asos’ decision to scale up use of ‘See My Fit’ technology – which uses augmented reality to ’digitally fit’ clothing onto models. 

As well as allowing Asos to solve a pressing issue – enabling the website to be rapidly updated with new inventory on a weekly basis – ‘See My Fit’ also serves to enhance the customer experience, by showing shoppers how products realistically look in different sizes and on different body types. In turn, this experience can help to drive sales as well as reduce returns.

Asos’ digital innovation has certainly contributed to its success over the past 18 months, culminating in revenues jumping 24% in the six months to the end of February 2021.

Love the new @ASOS see my fit tool. SO helpful, please roll it out to all of your new collections!

— Katy B (@katybarrass_) January 26, 2020

4. Pull & Bear – video game

Inditex, the owner of retail brand Pull & Bear, has launched ‘Pacific Game’ – an AR game created in collaboration with Facebook’s ‘Creative Shop’. The game involves a virtual trip from California to Tokyo, during which users then move their heads in order to dodge obstacles and collect points along the way.

Largely designed for social media, the game is available to play through Instagram and Facebook as well as the retailer’s own website. On Instagram, specifically, users can play through Instagram’s front camera feature.

While luxury fashion retailers like Gucci and Moschino have already expanded into the gaming market, this marks one of the first examples of a more affordable brand doing so, with the aim of reaching the 90% of Generation Z who are also gamers.

5. Burberry – Olympia Pop Up at Harrods

Retail brands are re-imagining AR experiences in order to bring customers back to stores, post-pandemic. Burberry is one such example, recently launching a pop-up AR experience in Harrods to coincide with the launch of its new Olympia bag. Using a QR code found in-store, customers will be able to watch the Elphis statue walk around in their surroundings, as well as take a photo or video to share with friends.

While this type of experience has certainly been done before – and adds little more than a bit of immersive excitement to the shopping experience – AR has taken on a new importance for both brands and consumers in the wake of Covid-19. And the hope is that it will draw luxury consumers back into physical stores as lockdown measures lift.

According to Burberry, “the experience is the latest in a series of activations exploring the relationship between physical and digital experiences to create exciting new concepts for our community and enhance the luxury experience.”

burberry ar popup harrods

Image: Burberry

6. IKEA Studio app

Ikea’s design lab, Space10, recently revamped Ikea’s AR offering to create a more functional and immersive experience.

Previously, the Ikea Place app allowed users to place virtual furniture in a room. Now using LiDAR sensors in iPhones, the all-new Ikea Studio app enables users to capture entire 3D room plans and re-design them, incorporating everything from windows and door frames to wall colours and rugs.

Currently in beta, Ikea Studio is not yet linked to the Ikea website, meaning it offers a somewhat siloed user experience (with no shopping functionality involved). According to Wired, however, this version of Ikea Studio was largely built in preparation for the arrival of Apple Glass, which could create a more immersive and realistic AR experience. 


Tommy Campbell, digital design lead at SPACE10, told Wired: “We’ve made very deliberate decisions to paint the vision of Studio as one that can exist on both the smartphone or in a glasses-like setting. We’ve also used a new renderer reality kit from Apple that lets us achieve a level of detail on these models that hasn’t been seen before in IKEA’s AR portfolio.”

7. Amazon – hair colouring at Amazon Salon

Amazon Salon, the ecommerce giant’s first-ever bricks-and-mortar hair salon, was partly set up to trial new retail technology. One example is ‘Point and Learn’, which as Amazon explains, means “customers can simply point at the product they are interested in on a display shelf and the relevant information, including brand videos and educational content, will appear on a display screen.” In order to then buy the products, customers can scan the relevant QR code on the shelf to visit the product page on the ecommerce site.

In addition to this tool, customers will also be able to experiment with different hair shades using AR technology, before actually getting their hair done.

As well as being a way to drive sales of its professional beauty products, the Amazon Salon is largely a vehicle for testing AR technologies (which Amazon could implement in other retail locations), and a way of gathering unique customer data that could also be applied on its ecommerce site.

AR virtual hair colouring at Amazon Salon

Image: Amazon

8. Gucci – virtual sneakers

One of the main reasons retail brands have invested in AR technology is to help customers make better and more informed product decisions. Gucci was one of the first luxury brands to do so, adding an AR feature to its app to let users ‘try on’ sneakers. This is a highly functional example of AR for retail; by giving customers a visual representation of how a product will look in real life, the technology can theoretically reduce returns and boost customer satisfaction.

More recently, Gucci has released a pair of virtual sneakers, which are designed to only be worn and shared online. The ‘digital-only’ trainers, created in collaboration with AR fashion platform Wanna, can be bought via the Gucci app for $17.99, making it an accessible way for consumers to get their hands on the luxury brand.

Building on the rise in popularity of both virtual influencers and AR filters on social media, this is one of the first examples of ‘digital fashion’ – a concept that some predict will soon take off. Sergey Arkhangelskiy, CEO of Wanna, told Business of Fashion that “in five or maybe 10 years, a relatively big chunk of fashion brands’ revenue will come from digital products.”

Rolling up the door to the #GucciSneakerGarage, a new destination on the Gucci App, features a mix of storytelling, gaming, and a virtual gallery of #Gucci sneakers recreated by a mix of talents, discover more

— gucci (@gucci) November 1, 2020

9. Wayfair – ‘View in Room’

Ikea isn’t the only furniture retailer to heavily invest in augmented reality. In September 2020, Wayfair announced the release of an enhanced version of its ‘View in Room’ app, also using LiDAR technology to combine “enhanced utility and heightened delight when shopping for products for the home.”

Alongside LiDAR, Wayfair has added RealityKit to give users a more realistic and authentic view, for example enabling them to view products cast in accurate lighting (based on real-time). Additionally, the new version enables users to stack products and stand in front of products like they would in the real world, effectively creating a personalised experience.

For furniture retailers, AR can be hugely effective in driving sales. According to Apple, consumers are 11 times more likely to buy furniture if they have had the opportunity to see how it looks in their home using AR. Wayfair has certainly seen some proof of this, with the retailer reporting that customers are 3.4 times more likely to buy when using the technology.

10. Machine A – virtual concept store

Machine-A is a London-based concept store, which is usually dedicated to showcasing contemporary fashion design. With this year’s London fashion week either cancelled or limited to digital shows, Machine-A came up with a concept to enable as many people as possible to view the work of emerging designers.

The idea was a virtual boutique, which as ShowStudio states, aimed to “bring an immersive spin to a digital season of shows, bridging the space between IRL and URL.”

By scanning a QR code embedded in posters and billboards located around London, mobile users were able to ‘enter’ the virtual boutique and explore the new collections of designers. Matthew Drinkwater, head of the Fashion Innovation Agency, told Vogue Business that AR in this context helps to build “a much closer bond between the consumer and brand, at a time when it’s very difficult to foster that.”

While this example is mostly about awareness and engagement – as there’s no integrated shopping functionality – it does hint at how AR could enhance the ecommerce experience in future, essentially creating virtual boutiques for customers to both browse and buy in an entirely immersive way.

11. Sephora – Virtual Artist

Cosmetics retailer Sephora’s ‘Virtual Artist’ tool has been available via its main app since 2016, and it remains one of the slickest examples of AR within beauty. In recent times, of course, Sephora has been encouraging usage as a replacement for in-store shopping.

Instead of furniture in homes, the AR technology lets consumers see what certain products (such as lipstick or eyeshadow) might look like on their own face. To do so, it uses Modiface technology to scan lips and eyes, before overlaying different lip colours, eye-shadows, false lashes and so on.

The main aim of the app seems to be to boost ecommerce sales, with beauty consumers typically driven in-store due to doubts about what products will look like in real life.

Some might say it is no match for trying products on actual skin, but the benefit of the tool is how many different products users can try out – without the hassle or time-consuming nature of doing it in real life. Meanwhile, it also serves as a bit of fun for consumers and yet another way for beauty brands like Sephora to provide entertainment and inspiration as well as the products themselves.

Playing with Sephora Virtual Artist. It’s so lit as! ✨✨✨

— Sha (@shafawatimkthr_) July 29, 2017

12. Kohl’s – virtual closet with Snapchat

With retail stores shut during the pandemic, many brands turned to AR in order to help consumers visualise products or ‘try before they buy’.

Kohl’s is one good example, with the US retail chain teaming up with Snapchat in spring 2020 to update its ‘virtual closet’ with lockdown-appropriate clothing such as athleisurewear.

Accessed via the Kohl’s snapcode or through the lens carousel, the virtual closet allows users to browse clothing as well as mix and match virtual outfits, as well as purchase directly on Snapchat itself.

With Snapchat’s Q1 2020 results showing a 20% year-on-year increase in daily active users, Kohl’s AR campaign aimed to capitalise on the spike in social media usage, as well as the increased desire to browse and shop for clothing on digital platforms.

13. Modiface on Amazon

L’Oréal’s Modiface is one of the best-known examples of AR within retail, with the feature allowing customers to digitally try on make-up through the brand’s app. L’Oréal has also rolled out Modiface to Amazon customers on mobile, allowing them to also digitally overlay make-up looks onto live photos and videos.

For customers, the technology provides much more certainty over what they’re buying (a product that suits the individual’s skin-tone). It also marks a big opportunity for Amazon as a player in the beauty industry, following on from the retail launching its own beauty line, ‘Belei’.

Happi: “ModiFace, the international leader in AR and AI for the beauty industry, which was acquired by L’Oréal in 2018, will now provide its AI-powered tech to enable the first virtual try-ons for cosmetics on Amazon.”

— ModiFace (@ModiFace) June 11, 2019

14. Adidas – more virtual sneakers

Adoption of AR try-on technology has massively increased as a result of Covid-19, but Adidas was one of the first brands to introduce it – just a few months before the pandemic hit. 

In November 2019, Adidas added the feature to its iOS app, helping shoppers to decide on a purchase without ever entering a store – something that was soon to become unavoidable for all consumers. Created in partnership with computer vision platform, Vyking, the AR app tracks foot movements, enabling users to see how sneakers look on their feet in real-time, with or without shoes.

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