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4 Biggest Challenges of Working Remotely and 13 Strategies to Overcome Them

You dream of the free-range, work-from-home life. You even have friends who work from home, and you envy the freedom they have. Remote work provides flexibility and freedom you may not find in an office. The truth is, 10 years ago most people had to go out of their way to nail down a career […]

21 Salon Software Apps to Run Your Business

21 Salon Software Apps to Run Your Business Running a successful salon is all about using the right tools to manage your salon. With so many clients booking appointments, it can be challenging to manage resources, keep clients happy (and reduce their wait time!) while ensuring that your business is profitable. Salon software helps you […]

Vintage exploits in new systems | Kaspersky official blog

Living off the Land–type attacks, which use legitimate programs or operating system features to cause harm, are nothing new, but with experts keeping track of LotL-susceptible modern software, cybercriminals have had to innovate. Researchers Jean-Ian Boutin and Zuzana Hromcova spoke about one such innovation, the use of legitimate Windows XP components and programs, at RSA […]

Microsoft SWOT Analysis Matrix (2021)

Founded in 1975 in New Mexico, the objective of Microsoft’s creator, Bill Gates, was to put a computer system in every house by making innovation easy to use and cost-efficient. These exploits turned Microsoft into among the world’s most significant corporations and raised Bill Gates to the most affluent person on earth. We dive into […]

Top 5 most dangerous ransomware in 2021 | Kaspersky official blog

Over the previous 5 years, ransomware has progressed from being a risk to private computer systems to posturing a severe threat to business networks. Cybercriminals have actually stopped just attempting to contaminate as numerous computer systems as possible and are now targeting huge victims rather. Attacks on business companies and federal government firms need mindful […]