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Foster + Partners shelters subterranean art gallery with pyramidal roofscape

Four peaks dressed in weathering steel cover the underground galleries at the Datong Art Museum, which British architecture studio Foster + Partners has actually finished in northern China. The 32,000-square-metre art museum , which is now open in Datong, is created by Foster + Partners as an “metropolitan living-room” with centers for both artists and […]

Buick Smart Pod Is A Futuristic Luxury Minivan Concept That Could’ve Been Designed By Porsche

Buick, an American brand that has a strong presence in China thanks to the SAIC-GM joint venture, stormed the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show with a design study for the autonomous luxury MPV of the future. The Buick Smart Pod enjoyed its world premiere in China alongside the more down-to-earth GL8 Flagship Concept. The company describes […]

A former CIA officer opens up about his Havana Syndrome: 3 years of headaches, early retirement, and a fight for care

Marc Polymeropoulos, a retired CIA officer, thinks he was assaulted in Moscow in 2017. Marc Polumeropoulous; Sergey Alimov/Getty Images; Gary Hershorn/Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Insider .Victims of the strange Havana Syndrome have brain injuries without ever striking their heads. More than 130 United States workers have actually reported signs following occurrences in Cuba, China, Russia, and […]

ZJJZ Atelier references Chinese folktale to create The Mushroom guesthouse

A conical roof covered in shingles caps The Mushroom guesthouse, which ZJJZ Atelier has built in a pine forest in Jiangxi, China to draw visitors away from a “mundane ordinary life”. Chinese studio ZJJZ Atelier designed the cabin for Tree Wow, a hotel complex made up of several houses near a popular scenic spot called […]