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How to Sort Images Based on Camera Make & Model?

““ I have a great deal of images kept on my computer system that were clicked by various electronic cameras. How can I understand which picture was clicked by which video camera?”” . If you ever wish to arrange your images and arrange them into folders based upon time, date , cam, year, or month […]

How To Use Microsoft’s Default App ‘Photos’ to Remove Duplicates?

Duplicate Photos are a significant issue that is dealt with by lots of today as they not just inhabit unneeded area however likewise disorder your Photo collection with duplicated images. You can utilize the Microsoft Photos application to import your images and then by hand erase the duplicates if you want to get rid of […]

How To Transfer Microsoft Office To Another Computer

Blog Summary – Have you recently moved to a new computer and searched for a way to transfer Microsoft Office? If yes, take a look at the easy way to move Microsoft Office to another computer using a third-party tool EaseUS ToDo PCTrans along with more methods. If you have been worried about transferring your […]

How To Recover Space On Your Computer with Disk Speed Up?

Digital Storage Space is something that we are all except! No matter the number of hard disk drives you buy or gather various pen drives, there is constantly a scarcity of storage area. Struck by this universal issue, I chose to discover a resolution for this besides purchasing more storage gadgets and encountered Disk SpeedUp […]

How to Solve F1 2021 Keeps Crashing On PC

The F1 2021 is one of the best racing games that offer realistic graphics. However, there have been many concerning reports on gaming forums about the unexpected F1 2021 crash making the game unplayable and ruining the experience. This guide attempts to resolve the F1 2021 game crashing in Windows 10. How To Fix F1 […]

There is Still Time to Paint Your House, Which Color Should You Choose?

There’s plenty to consider as you consider painting your house and typically the first question is: What color should I paint my house? You might start with a search of popular house colors or trending house colors. You might even want to know the house paint colors that improve curb appeal like these 15 house […]

Windows PC Won’t Go to Sleep Mode? Here’s the Fix!

Windows PC not going to sleep mode? Sleep Mode is thought about among the most helpful functions of the Windows OS, particularly in regards to conserving power intake. The sleep mode puts your gadget in a low-power state, switches off the screen, and enables you to resume from precisely where you ended. To conserve the […]

How to Download Focusrite Scarlett Solo Driver for Windows

Focusrite gadgets are a need to for those who have a house studio and record podcasts and videos in your home. It assists preserve sound clearness and record noise in a high quality which is the very same as taping in an expert studio. When you link this remarkable gadget to your PC, it will […]

[Fixed] This device is not present (Code 24) in Windows

The Device Manager is an inbuilt tool in Windows OS provided by Microsoft which helps users manage all the hardware devices and their drivers. If you experience any sort of hardware failure, then you must check your Device Manager for the status of that particular hardware. This guide will help you to resolve hardware issues […]

How to Ghost Hard Drive in Windows 10‌?

To everybody the significance of Ghosting a hard disk is various. For some, it is seeing a hard drive in the File Explorer that doesn’’ t exist. This indicates, despite the fact that the disk is not linked, it still appears under partitions. While for some it indicates supporting the hard disk drive or developing […]