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Ubuntu and other Linux distros at risk from Oh Snap! More Lemmings security exploit

Security researchers from Qualys have issued a warning about a Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Discovered in the snap-confine function of Canonical’s Snap package manager. Known as Oh Snap! More Lemmings and tracked as CVE-2021-44731, the collection of security flaws can be exploited to gain root privileges. See also: Microsoft is testing an annoying desktop watermark […]

Celebrate New Year 2022 by switching from Windows 11 to Linux Lite 5.8 RC1

Windows 11 is a great operating system. In fact, I can confidently say it is the best desktop operating system Microsoft has ever created. Seriously, folks, it is wonderful. If your computer is compatible with it, and you like Windows 10, you should enjoy Windows 11 even more. With all of that said, Windows 11 […]

Parallele Installation von Ubuntu 16.04 Linux mit MS Windows 10 auf einem Notebook

Notebooks und PCs, pass away guy von der Stange kauft, sind quick immer mit MS Windows vorinstalliert.Neuartige Starttechniken erschweren pass away Installation von alternativen und sicheren Betriebssystemen wie Linux..Nichts ist unmöglich, deshalb installieren wir trotzdem ein Ubuntu parallel zum vorhandenen Windows.Kann Ubuntu wie auch Windows nach Wunsch genutzt werden. Read more:

Say goodbye to Microsoft Windows 11 and wave hello to Ubuntu-based Linux Lite 5.6

Zorin OS 16 is the Windows 11-like Linux distribution Microsoft doesn’t want you to know about

Windows 11 is a very good operating system, and it hasn’t even gone gold yet. In fact, despite only being Beta, I can confidently call it the best version of Windows ever. It is shockingly polished and beautiful — the true successor to Windows 7. Windows 10 wasn’t bad, but it never felt complete. Windows […]