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A B-52 crews gives you an unprecedented tour of the legendary bomber in detailed video

B-52Hs from the second Bomb Wing throughout a preparedness workout at Barksdale Flying force Base in Louisiana. U.S. Flying force image by Senior Airman Tessa B. Corrick .Barksdale Air Force Base trainers shared their comprehensive understanding of the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fella), with lots of fascinating, obscure information.In the video, a bomber team takes […]

What the Air Force’s latest graphic reveals about the new B-21 stealth bomber

A rendering of the B-21 stealth bomber. Northrup Grumman The Air Force's latest rendering shows the new B-21 Raider stealth bomber at Edwards Air Force Base. The bomber will be thoroughly tested at Edwards AFB before delivery to operational units. The overall shape of the B-21 seems to be unchanged since a 2020 rendering, with […]