10 Rental Property Maintenance Items To Check This Fall

The maintenance checkup this week provided by Keepe focuses on 10 rental property maintenance items to check this fall in and around your property.

Maintaining your rental property on a seasonal basis allows you to charge the maximum rent from your tenants, maintain a safe property and ensure that your vacancy rates stay low.

Checking for inexpensive maintenance issues also allows you to identify any potential problems and damages before they lead to expensive repairs.

During your fall season maintenance check-in, prioritize these maintenance duties to ensure your property is in tip-top shape.

No. 1 – Inspect heating and ventilation

Avoid expensive repairs by inspecting your HVAC systems at least twice a year. Replace filters in ventilation systems, remove debris from airways and exam heating elements for leaks to ensure safe operation. Additionally, you should cover the exterior HVAC units to prevent snow and cold from coming in.

No. 2 – Inspect the machines in your building

Ensure that your gym equipment, laundry machines, service elevators and other systems are running safely and efficiently within your building. Maintaining these systems also greatly improves your tenants experience at your property.

No. 3 – Maintain curb appeal

Clean the windows and clean and/or repaint the exteriors of your property. Invest in your landscape to ensure your property is looking its best by incorporating visually pleasing plants and vegetation around your property.

No. 4 – Clean and inspect water-related features

To avoid issues with your downspouts and gutters, clean debris to avoid backups during the fall and winter season. Treating water systems and drainage are always much easier take care of before issues occur.

No. 5 – Upgrade common areas

Every five to seven years, upgrade features such as the flooring, carpets and paint on the walls that are in the common areas and hallways of your building to maintain a clean and modern ambiance.

No. 6 – Chimney sweep

If your property has a functional fireplace, now is the best time to conduct a chimney sweep and ensure that any obstructions are cleared. Make sure smoke can get out and cold air can’t flow in.

No. 7 – Landscape maintenance

Maintain the shrubs, trees and fertilization surrounding your property while also removing any plants or vegetation that may interfere with your curb appeal. Removing large objects and unnecessary tree vegetation will also reduce the likelihood of extreme wind related damage to your property.

No. 8 – Inspect for cracks and leaks

Replace the stripping on windows, seal any cracks, and prevent drafts and leaks from entering at the bottom of the doors by correcting them with a door piece. This simple inspection can decrease your reoccurring electric bill – or your tenants’ complaints about their high bills.

No. 9 – Fire safety

Replace the batteries in all of the smoke detectors within your property. Home fires are more common during the winter than any other time of the year so ensure that you practice your fire evacuation plan for your tenants during the fall season as well.

No. 10 – Get residents involved

Let your tenants check for property maintenance services that they are responsible for – such as checking their own smoke detectors, windows, etc. If everyone helps out, your fall maintenance will go more efficiently.


Preserve your property with these preventative maintenance tips and find that your property will be in better shape in the short-term and long-term. Schedule routine proactive inspections and you will save much time and money down the road.

Source: rentalhousingjournal.com

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