1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer In Great Condition Is The Perfect Retro SUV

Original Jeep Grand Wagoneers struck the utilized vehicle market rather regularly however it’’ s uncommon for them to be in as beautiful condition as this example.

This Grand Wagoneer is a 1984 design that was geared up with white paintwork from the factory and has the SUV’’ s signature wood panels on its sides. It has actually obviously been preserved by a household of ex-Jeep professionals who operated at the initial assembly plant and has actually been so well looked after that it hasn’’ t even been exposed to any rain in the last years.

The Collecting Cars listing keeps in mind that there is no noticeable bodywork damage however does mention some small scuffs on a few of the outside metal elements. The wood veneer is likewise somewhat faded however unless you’’ re a Grand Wagoneer enthusiast, you most likely wouldn’’ t even discover.

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<p> An appearance inside the cabin exposes Almond leather upholstery and wood trim, and the SUV includes electrical seats, power windows, cruise control, and a cassette gamer. While the interior does have some scrapes and scuffs, it has actually all been reasonably well preserved and notably, no electrical concerns have actually been reported. </p>
<p> Powering this traditional Grand Wagoneer is an AMC 4.2-liter straight-six that is paired to an automated transmission powering all 4 wheels. The SUV has actually been driven 63,695 miles (~ 102,500 km) and its engine oil and filter were altered in September. </p>
<p> While <a href= the brand-new Grand Wagoneer is far more glamorous than this older one, it is likewise a lot more costly. Plus, this 1984 design has a cool retro ambiance to it that the brand-new one can’’ t match.

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