21 Salon Software Apps to Run Your Business

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21 Salon Software Apps to Run Your Business

21 Salon Software Apps to Run Your Business

Running a successful salon is all about using the right tools to manage your salon. With so many clients booking appointments, it can be challenging to manage resources, keep clients happy (and reduce their wait time!) while ensuring that your business is profitable. Salon software helps you stay on track across these different elements and gives you more oversight over your salon to help it run more efficiently.

Why You Should Consider Salon Software for Your Business

Salon software can be incredibly beneficial for your business for a variety of reasons. Investing in salon scheduling software can help you become more organized and gives you more insight into what resources you need, whether you want to know how to open a hair salon or grow the business.

Plus, salon software can also help with reducing no-shows thanks to automated reminders and other features, thereby helping with client management. As a result, you’ll see more appointments fulfilled, more client retention, and easier scheduling and booking moving forward.

23 Best Salon Management Software Options

When it comes to salon software, there are plenty of options to pick from – which is great and perhaps a little overwhelming. So we’ve selected some of the best solutions currently available based on their features, user reviews, and other factors to help you select the best one for your salon business.

1. Rosy Salon Software

Rosy Salon Software is an appointment scheduling software that is great for salon professionals, including small businesses, large companies, or even an individual stylist. The software includes features that allow for double booking, cancellation management, and having schedule access from anywhere.

You can plan out multiple appointments, see client history and create personalized text and email reminders to ensure clients don’t miss a booking. Rose offers a 30-day free trial, and plans start at $29 a month.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, and Android

2. Timely

Timely is a salon software with more of a community feel, allowing you to manage online bookings and other salon services while networking with other salon professionals. With over 50,000 users, Timely includes appointment management, client experience management, payments, a POS system, and marketing tools.

Timely also includes business management tools such as inventory checks, employee management, reporting and analytics, and admin features. It’s an all-encompassing software, which can be great for busy salons since salons can manage everything in one place.

Timely has a 14-day free trial and offers packages ranging from $15 for individual stylists and $30-200 for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, tailored enterprise plans are available for corporate.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, and Android

3. Simple Salon

Simple Salon is another all-inclusive software that includes a variety of booking and marketing features. It’s easy to schedule appointments and get an at-a-glance look at what’s coming, a unique booking page, SMS reminders, and many others features to make online bookings and salon management that much easier.

Simple Salon is also a management software since it also includes add- ons and marketing features such as gift cards, loyalty point management, packages, automated marketing campaigns, and more.

Simple Salon offers a 30-day free trial. After that, their plan starts at approximately $15 per month for individual stylists, $56.99 for small businesses, and $113 for large businesses.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, and Android

4. Salon Iris

Salon Iris offers easy options for online bookings, including managing schedules, automating salon reminders to avoid no shows, booking pages for social media such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as recurring marketing features and loyalty program management.

Salon Iris can also help manage revenue and expenses, so it offers a bit more than just salon appointment booking features.

Salon Iris has a 14-day free trial, and plans start at $29 a month for individual stylists. For small, medium, and enterprise businesses, packages are priced at $59 and up to $200 a month.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, and Android

5. Vagaro Salon Software

Vagaro is a powerful salon management software offering an immense amount of features for the beauty industry. Vagaro offers booking and salon management, payment management, including POS, promotional package management, seamless appointment scheduling, invoices, inventory, booking forms, payroll management, and many other add ons, making it great value for business owners.

Vagaro is an all-in-one software that a salon and spa can rely on to manage appointment scheduling, online booking, and overall salon business.

Vagaro has a 1-month free trial. After that, prices start at $25 a month for individual stylists, $35-75 for small businesses, and going up to $85 for large businesses.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, and Android

6. Appointy

Appointy offers automated scheduling for salons, making the process for booking a salon appointment seamless for both clients and salon owners. In addition, Appointy helps with managing schedules, appointment management, payments, and booking page integrations with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

Software solutions like Appointy can help boost productivity with its features while also helping salon owners manage their schedules and resources. It’s free for individual stylists, and small and medium business pricing can range from $29-49 a month, and an enterprise plan is priced at $79.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, and Android

7. Schedulicity

Schedulicity offers instant bookings for salon and spa businesses, seamless payments including credit cards, marketing features, as well as a marketplace for local promotions.

Schedulicity makes it easy for clients to book appointments and makes it easier for businesses to manage different aspects of salons in one simple solution, including revenue and marketing.

In terms of pricing, Schedulicity is based on the number of appointments booked in a month. Schedulicity is free if only 10 appointments are booked in a month, making it a fantastic option for individual stylists. The Unlimited plan starts at $34 a month with no restriction on the number of appointments for small and medium-sized businesses. It includes many other features such as personalized marketing, staff management, custom package development, and more.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, and Android

8. Square Appointments

Square is mostly known for its easy point of sale system, but it also offers additional features that make it a valuable part of a salon business. Using Square Appointments, salons can use the POS system for staff management, bookings and payments, social media management, and more all in one solution. Salons can manage schedules and appointments from the Square app, and payments are taken care of through the Square POS system.

Square Appointments is free for individual stylists and range from $50-90 a month for up to 10 employees. In addition, Square Appointments offers tailored packages for salons with over 10 employees.

Compatible with: All browsers, ioS


ZENOTI is specifically designed for salons and spas and is an easy-to-use salon scheduling software. However, ZENOTI can also be used for the beauty industry and the wellness industry. ZENOTI currently has over 12,000 users in 50 countries and continues to grow. Features include online booking, scheduling, resource management, personalized interactions with customers over email and SMS, as well as follow-up options.

ZENOTI offers a free demo, and prices are available upon request.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android

10. Versum

Versum is a salon management software with over 45,000 users currently using it. Versum is designed to make salon management easy across different functions such as employee access, customer access, automated reminders, and marketing functions as well such as loyalty programs and gift cards.

Versum also offers additional features to help salons understand cash flow and revenue and see additional finance reports and analytics.

Versum offers a 14-day trial, and additional pricing information is available once you have signed up for the trial.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android

11. Fresha

Fresha, which has merged with another salon management app Shedul, is widely used by the beauty industry as a salon scheduling software. It offers simple, flexible, and fast booking, thereby enhancing the client experience. It currently has a userbase of 50,000 partners and continues to grow.

For a salon business, the features offered include appointment scheduling, POS including POS hardware, product inventory management, payment processing, marketing promotions, and reporting and analytics. It also includes lower fees for payment processing, such as credit cards, making it a great management software for customers and salons.

As a Shedul partner, Fresha is currently being offered for free with no subscription plan needed for purchase, and all features are available within the free plan.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android

12. Insight Salon Software

Insight Salon Software is a salon management software that has been working with service businesses like salons for over 25 years. They offer a user-friendly platform with many training and resources to ensure that customers get the most out of it. Features include booking management, client management, email marketing capabilities, staff management, inventory control, and POS management.

Pricing for Insight Salon Software starts at $25 a month for individual stylists, $45-90 for small and medium-sized businesses, and $125 for a large company.

Compatible with: Windows PCs, Macs, iPads, and Android tablets.

13. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a Squarespace company that offers management software for salons. It includes easy booking for customers, schedule organization, client history, and more.

It can also accept payments using point of sale systems such as Square, Stripe, or Paypal. Moreover, Acuity Scheduling has additional features such as gift cards, packages, and other promotional options to help grow the business.

Annual and monthly options are available with Acuity Scheduling, and a free 7-day trial is also offered. Annual subscriptions are between $14-45 dollars a month depending on the size of the business and are made as a yearly payment. Monthly subscriptions are between $15-50 a month for Acuity Scheduling.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android

14. Millennium Salon Software

Millennium Salon Software is a management and booking software for salons that offers a host of capabilities. It includes both appointment scheduling capabilities as well as a marketing suite to grow your salon business. Millennium also has built-in payments, such as contactless payments through stored payment methods, contactless check-in, and more to really enhance the client experience. A training academy is also included for business owners looking for additional resources and help.

Free demos are available, as well as annual and monthly payment plans. Monthly payments start at $127 for 10 members and go up to $387 for larger businesses. Annual plans start at $114 up to $348, depending on the size of the business. In addition, custom payments can be determined for enterprise clients.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android

15. Phorest Salon Software

Phorest Salon Software is designed to help salon businesses increase revenue and reduce no shows, making it a great option for business owners. Over 100,000 salon and spa owners use Phorest thanks to its easy navigation and useful features. Phorest includes booking management, client management, automated SMS and email reminders, as well as general salon management features, POS software, staff management, and more.

Phorest offers free demos and can be contacted for pricing details on each of their plans.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android

16. Envision Cloud Salon Software

Envision Cloud Salon Software makes it easy to run your salon business from anywhere, and it is a fast and powerful salon management software. Features include easy scheduling software and sales management, including sales, marketing capabilities, client experience, employee management, and reporting for deeper insight.

Envision Cloud Salon Software plans start at $25 a month for individual stylists, $99-65 for small and medium-sized businesses, and $290 for large businesses.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android

17. Salon Tracker

Salon Tracker is a salon management software that can help boost revenue and reduce no shows so that you can have a more productive salon business. It includes scheduling software, advanced business insights, a point of sale system and POS hardware, and online booking capabilities. Salon Tracker also has a marketing suite for automated campaigns and reminders for clients.

Free trials and demos are available. Pricing starts at approximately $45 a month for a 12-month subscription and goes up to $65 or $95 for medium and large businesses.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android

18. STX Salon Software

STX Salon Software is a salon scheduling software that offers a point of sale option, client management, marketing, reporting, and other business management tools to create a better experience for clients and help your salon business run more efficiently. In addition, STX can help boost retention rates and make booking a fast and easy experience for clients.

Customers can request free demos, and they can contact STX Salon Software to obtain pricing information.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android

19. Booker Salon Software

Booker by Mindbody is a salon scheduling software that makes it easy to manage salon and spas. Booker Salon Software’s online platform can handle booking, point of sale, marketing tools for attracting new customers, data management, and helping to increase client retention.

Pricing starts at $129 a month for small businesses, $269-$429 for medium and large businesses, and $549 for enterprise clients.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android


MINDBODY is a premier management software for the beauty and wellness industry that helps create powerful experiences for clients. Key features include appointment management, product inventory oversight, control, payroll and commissions capabilities, and day-to-day management tools.

MINDBODY also comes with a virtual AI assistant that can handle check-ins, bookings, and overall scheduling. It also offers a range of options to create a contactless experience for clients, from sign-in to payments.

MINDBODY pricing starts at $129 a month for small businesses, $269-$429 for medium and large businesses, and $549 for enterprise clients.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android

21. Squire Barber Appointment App

The Squire Barber Appointment App is an all-in-one software solution that helps salons grow their business. Key features include booking management, easy scheduling, automated SMS and email reminders, customized pricing, and duration settings so that clients know exactly what they are booking. Squire Barber also includes a point of sale system with a card reader and payment processing for ease of use.

Prices start at $100 for small businesses, $150 for medium-sized businesses, and $250 a month for large businesses per month. For individual stylists, basic plans are available starting at $30, and executive plans are available for $100 per month.

Compatible with: All browsers, iOS, Android

Best Salon Scheduling Software for Business Owners

With so many powerful software solutions out there, it can be difficult to identify the best one for your business. The crucial features that you need to look out for include managing client appointments, employee schedule management, and advanced capabilities for appointment scheduling. Having an integrated point of sale system is definitely an advantage as well.

The best salon scheduling software for business owners include:

MINDBODY: Advanced booking and schedule management capabilities and the virtual AI assistant is great value add that can make day-to-day management easier.
Acuity Scheduling: Seamless appointment and schedule management, and also includes additional features that help boost profits.
Versum: Trusted by professionals, and comes with great user reviews across different features, making it a great option for service businesses.
Fresha: Very popular with users and has key features for appointment management, automated reminders, payment processing, and marketing features.
Salon Iris: An easy-to-use platform that also offers social media integrations for booking pages and other marketing and promotional features that make it a solid investment for service businesses.

What is the best salon scheduling software?

The best salon scheduling software is Salon Iris because it has many features that are absolutely crucial for a successful salon business, such as payments, social media integrations, booking management, marketing automation, and more. It is also reasonably priced, making it affordable for businesses across different sizes.

Best Salon Booking Software for Business Owners

Having the best salon booking software is essential as it can elevate the client experience and reduces the chance of n0-shows. Booking software includes features such as online booking, appointment booking, and automated SMS and email reminders.

The best salon booking software includes:

Booker Salon Software: Easy to use booking platform that includes online booking and scheduling management. It also includes a reminder function.
ZENOTI: Great for bookings and general salon management since it offers personalization options for reminders and easy salon and staff management features.
Square Appointments: A straightforward salon booking tool that includes social media management, payment processing, and other tools to make booking management seamless for staff and customers.

What is the best salon booking software?

The best salon booking software is ZENOTI, as it offers easy booking for customers, and staff can manage schedules efficiently. It also includes other features such as personalization for automated reminders that make it a great tool for reducing no-shows.

Salon Software: Key Features to Look For

Aside from salon scheduling and salon booking, there are other features that can make salon software so valuable. Understanding what salon software is capable of and how it can help when you are in the process of learning how to open a nail salon or grow the business is essential before choosing one to use. Here are some of the key features that you should be evaluating when choosing a salon software:

Salon Point of Sale (POS)

Credit card processing and general payment processing is important for salons catering to different clients. Multiple payment options make it a better experience for clients, and you can also get additional financial insight if the platform offers reporting capabilities. In addition, STX Salon Software and Salon Tracker have great POS features.

Marketing Services

Email marketing and SMS marketing are not just for reminders, but they can also help promote services and build a loyal client base. Platforms such as Millenium Salon Software offer automated and other marketing campaign options to help grow your business and retain more clients.

Payroll Management

Managing employees can be difficult, especially if everyone works at different hours or availability. Using a platform such as MINDBODY or Vagaro can manage payroll and staff resources to oversee the business better and help you plan better.

Suggestive Selling

To boost profits, salons can cross-sell other services when clients are booking to enhance the experience. For example, if someone books a manicure, they could also receive a suggestion to save time and book a pedicure. In addition, Phorest Salon Software and Envision Cloud Salon Software offer features such as recommended purchases.

Mobile Access

Running your business while on the go is crucial to serve customers better and ensure that you have full insight into staff management and other operations. All salon software options mentioned on this list offer mobile access for added convenience.

Automated Confirmations

No shows can be significantly reduced by automating confirmations and reminders, as clients are less likely to forget the appointment or cancel well in advance. Software options such as Booker, Acuity Scheduling, and Schedulicity offer automated confirmations.

Staff Management

Understanding what resources you have available regarding staff versus demand and managing employee schedules can be a headache if done manually. However, salon software such as Insight Salon Software, ZENOTI, and Square Appointments offer options to help with this.


Keeping client and employee information secure is an extremely important business aspect that is often overlooked. All of the software solutions in this article offer secure access and data protection for information.

Inventory Management

Salons often run through products quickly or not fast enough, making it difficult to order correctly and manage inventory. Using platforms such as Fresha, Vagaro, Timely, and MINDBODY can be a major advantage for efficient inventory management.

Digital Forms

Digital forms can reduce the amount of paperwork that clients need to complete at the salon and help create a better contactless experience for clients and employees. MINDBODY and Millenium both offer digital forms and contactless management.

Reporting Options

Having full insight and data into your salon operations, including revenue, turnover, and other aspects, can help you grow your business and become more profitable. Many platforms offer reporting options across different parts of the business, including STX Salon Software, Fresha, and Envision.

Integrated Payment Processing

Fast payment processing and direct deposits is incredibly important for a business, and integrated payment processing is possible with the right POS system. Platforms such as Square Appointments, Acuity Scheduling, and Timely offer integrated payment processing options.

Free Salon Software

Free salon software is possible and can be a great way to save money on costs initially. Fresha is currently the only free salon software available that has a wide range of features available. All other platforms mentioned on this list include free demos or a free trial period of some kind before purchase.

What is the best salon software?

The best salon booking software is ZENOTI, as it offers easy booking for customers, and staff can manage schedules efficiently. It also includes other features such as personalization for automated reminders that make it a great tool for reducing no-shows.

How much does salon software cost?

The average cost of salon software can vary depending on the number of users and features available. Most salon software can cost $30 and upwards per month, with discounts available for annual purchases. Some platforms, such as Fresha, are completely free to use.

What software do hair salons use?

Hair salons use software such as MINDBODY, Zenoti, Timely, STX, and Salon Iris for appointment management and other features.

What software do beauty salons use?

Beauty salons use Acuity Scheduling, Phorest Salon Software, and Versum for their business needs.

What software do spa businesses use?

Spa businesses use software such as Appointy, MINDBODY, and Booker for managing clients and appointments.

Is Schedul really free?

Schedul has now merged with Fresha, and it is free to use.

How much does Fresha cost?

Fresha, also known as Schedul, is free to use and has no costs associated with it.

How do I provide clients with online booking for my salon?

You can provide clients with online bookings by setting up a schedule ahead of time with pre-selected duration and times, and clients can book accordingly. Once they book online, you can create an SMS or email confirmation and set up reminders closer to the time. You can use any of the platforms mentioned in this list to provide clients with online bookings, such as Square Appointments, MINDBODY, Booker, Acuity Scheduling, and more.

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