30 Work-from-Home Jokes That Take the Gloom Out of Zoom

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30 Work-from-Home Jokes That Take the Gloom Out of Zoom

The coronavirus pandemic normalized working for home and for many of us, this may become the reality long after the pandemic is over. While the adjustment may have been a challenge at first, working from home has its perks. No one can judge how many snacks you eat during the day, no one is there to see what you’re wearing, and you can take as many bathroom breaks as your heart desires. There is plenty of humor out there for all the exceptional workers who just can’t work from home (we can’t thank these people enough), whether that be dentist jokes or nurse jokes. There are even accounting jokes to make them laugh while filing all those tax returns. But this one goes out to all the employees who haven’t left their house. Enjoy these work-from-home jokes!

Jokes about your home office setup

Maybe you have a beautiful and spacious home office setup. Maybe you have a place to work at the kitchen table but choose to work from the couch instead. Or maybe you’re like me and you turned your tiny nightstand into a makeshift desk because your cramped Brooklyn apartment barely has any room for you. Regardless, your home office setup may be one of the most interesting—and funniest—parts about working from home.

1. Every woman working from home is doing so on a Macbook Air on the couch, cup of tea. Every man is at a three-monitor setup with the loudest keyboard he could find at Best Buy. —@OKButStill

2. If you’re working on a desktop or laptop, make sure to put on a mask. You wouldn’t want to catch one of those computer viruses.

3. I like to wrap myself in a blanket when I work from home. You could say I now work undercover.

4. Home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically.

5. Remember that one time when you had to get out of bed and actually commute to your office? Yeah, me neither.

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Jokes about being stuck in the house

With so much flexibility you have probably developed some odd habits, whether that be eating lunch super early or even not wearing pants. As you have become successful working from home, these new routines can be pretty hilarious once you pause to take a look at them. These work-from-home jokes are all about you.

6. Anyone else keep finding themselves in the kitchen without any idea how they got there?

7. The housecleaner said she was going to start working from home, so she sent me a list of chores to do.

8. How do people in the navy work from home? Play Battleship?

9. My husband started working from home this week and is set up at the kitchen table so he sees me and the cats repeatedly coming in for snacks, and finally says, “So you guys just eat all day, huh?” He does NOT understand our office culture and I don’t think he’s fitting in at all—@paigebyerly

10. Working from is not so bad. I’m starting to get the hang of it. I can work in my pajamas, have a glass of wine with my lunch, and have my lunch at 9 a.m.

11. Working from home: the place where your hours are made up and your pants don’t matter.

12. Work is really interfering with my enjoyment of working from home.

13. The greatest part about working from home is not wearing a bra.

14. When working from home, for focus and mental health, it’s really important to NOT just wear your pajamas! Wear yesterday’s clothes you grabbed off the floor—@j_zimms

15. They say to have a successful day working from home, you should wake up early, go for a walk, take a shower, and treat it as if it’s a normal workday… so is it considered unsuccessful if I wake up 5 minutes before my first call?

16. Day 1: This’ll be fantastic. I get to stay inside and eat toast on a paper towel. Day 8: Engages in conversation with a lamp.—@LizHackett

17. Ahhhh… 9 a.m.… time to change my night pajamas into day pajamas—@jessielochrie

18. Getting dress for work is so stressful. Should I put on yoga pants or sweatpants?

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Jokes about coworkers

Who knew that your family members and roommates would eventually become your coworkers? Now you have insight into all their work habits and what they actually do during the day, beyond just what they tell you. You have probably adjusted to the rules of working from home by now so now you lighten the work environment with these hilarious work from home jokes about the people you love most.

19. How is my husband still late when working from home?

20. Client: “No! This is unacceptable. I want to speak to one of your superiors.” Me: “Mom!”

21. I love working from home. I get along with all my coworkers, I can show up in my pajamas, and I always win employee of the month.

22. Pro-tip for couples suddenly working from home together: Get yourselves an imaginary coworker to blame things on. In our apartment, Cheryl keeps leaving her dirty water cups all over the place and we really don’t know what to do about her—@mollytolsky

23. My wife and I are working from home. She microwaved fish. Time to alert HR—@XplodingUnicorn

24. A funny thing about quarantining is hearing your partner in full work mode for the first time. Like, I’m married to a “let’s circle back” guy—who knew?—@inLaurasWords

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Jokes about Zoom

If you didn’t know what Zoom was before the pandemic, you certainly know what it is now. How can we share work-from-home jokes without throwing in a little humor about Zoom? You probably have a love/hate relationship with a video call platform, have read all the Zoom etiquette rules, and heard about the Zoom scams, but now all these experiences are about to make you laugh. Maybe you can even share a couple in your next meeting.

25. Me: I have a zoom meeting later. My cat: Oh, me too—@Skoog 

26. When my boss asked me why I showed up late for our Zoom meeting, I told him that he wouldn’t believe the network traffic.

27. I told a joke over a Zoom meeting… it wasn’t even remotely funny.

28. I was just on a Zoom call that ended automatically after 40 minutes because the organizer was on a free tier. This is the single greatest advance to meeting productivity that I’ve ever seen. Would pay extra for this feature—@plibin

29. Not muting your mic is the new reply all—@daniburgz

30. Working from home means finding out which meetings could’ve been emails after all.

Now that you’ve snickered at these work-from-home jokes, send your coworkers these hilarious working-from-home memes that they can all relate to.

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