90+ Family Guy Trivia Questions For Fans 

Family Guy is a big hit. It’s been enjoyed by audiences worldwide and is still bring out brand-new episodes today. Here are some Family Guy trivia concerns and responses. See if you’re the supreme fan or if you require to see more episodes.

.Ultimate Family Guy Quiz:.Where does Family Guy occur?

The program occurs in Quahog, Rhode Island.

( Need assistance to begin? Test tip: It’s an imaginary location in a genuine state!)

.Who established the city of Quahog?

Griffin Peterson established this city.

.What is the name of Stewie’s teddy bear?

His teddy bear is called Rupert.

.What is the ZIP code for Quahog, Rhode Island?

The postal code is 00093.

.What is the name of the boat Peter purchases auction?

The name of the boat is the S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and The Incredible Hulk Put Together.

 switched off classic CRT tv Unsplash/ Sven Scheuermeier .Who is the only blonde in the Griffin household?

Chris is the only blonde in their household.

.Throughout Peter and the Giant Chicken’s 2nd battle, a scene from what film is parodied at the end?

Indiana Jones: The Raiders of the Lost Ark is parodied at the end of this episode.

.Which Family Guy character went to Brown University?

Brian went to Brown University.

.Since 2021, the number of seasons of Family Guy have aired?

Twenty seasons have actually aired up until now.

.Which Dr. Seuss character hurt Joe?

The Grinch is accountable for his injury.

.Which member of the family does Meg Griffin ask to take her SATs?

She asks Brian to take her SATs for her.

.What tune plays as Meg strolls along in the technically sophisticated universe in “Road to the Multiverse”?

” Drop Dead Legs” by Van Halen is playing throughout this scene.

.What is Brian’s mom’s name?

His mom’s name is Biscuit.

.What well-known rocker did Lois as soon as sleep with?When hooked up with Gene Simmons of Kiss, #ppppp> She.

.What is the name of Lois’ long-lost older sibling?

Patrick Pewterschmidt is the name of her older bro.

.Which Family Guy character was when welcomed to compose for The New Yorker?

Brian composed for The New Yorker.

.Who did Brian consume martinis with in Heaven?

He consumed with Vincent van Gogh, Kurt Cobain, and Ernest Hemingway.

 black flat screen television switched on showing 11 Unsplash/ Mollie Sivaram .What does Meg get in her school lunches?

She gets peels and crusts in her school lunches.

.At Stewie’s playschool graduation, which member of the family is hunted to be a design?

Meg is hunted to be a design.

.How old is Quagmire?

It is exposed that his genuine age is 61.

.Peter, Glenn, Joe, and Cleveland won an outfit contest by impersonating ______.

They impersonated the A-Team.

.Who is the mayor of Quahog?

Mayor Adam West is the mayor of Quahog.

.What is Peter’s middle name?

His middle name is Löwenbräu.

.Why is Peter constantly combating Ernie, the huge chicken?Due to the fact that Ernie offered Peter an ended discount coupon, #ppppp> He is constantly combating a huge chicken.

.In the episode “Screams of Silence”, what is the name of Quagmires’ sibling?

Brenda is the name of his sis.

.Which Family Guy character is consumed with world supremacy?

Stewie is consumed with world dominance.

.Where was Peter born?

He was born in Mexico.

.Which recurring tune is found to be Peter’s preferred from youth?

” Surfin’ Bird” by The Trashmen is his preferred tune from his youth.

.What’s the name of Mort Goldman’s company?

Goldman’s Pharmacy is the name of business.

 black crt television on black wood table Unsplash/ Stephen Monterroso .Who depicts Cleveland’s character in the Star Wars motivated episode, “Blue Harvest”?

Cleveland is R2-D2, Lois is Princess Leia, and Quagmire is C-3PO.

.Household Guy stories are typically disrupted by battles in between Peter and _______.

A huge chicken.

.What’s the name of the most popular lady at James Woods Regional High School?

Connie DiMico is the most popular lady in their high school.

.Who does the voice for Cleveland Brown?

Mike Henry initially supplied the voice for Cleveland, which was questionable. Mike Henry likewise did the voice of other questionable characters like Herbert, Bruce, greased up deaf man, Consuela, and Lieutenant Dann. He has actually stepped down due to the fact that he recognized, “individuals of color ought to play characters of color.”

.What did Peter alter Meg’s name to on her birth certificate?

He altered her name to Megatron.

.How did Lois require Meg to practice the piano?

She utilized an ankle bracelet connected to an iron ball.

.What does Peter leave on Angela’s desk after he wins the lotto?

A huge stack of poo is left on her desk.

.Which Family Guy character is a policeman?

Joseph “Joe” Swanson is a law enforcement officer.

.Who produced Family Guy ?

Seth MacFarlane is the developer of the program.

.More Family Guy Trivia Questions:. female resting on armchair looking at turned-off television Unsplash/ John Tuesday

Question: In “A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas,” Peter demands enjoying which band’s Christmas special?Response: KISS Saves Santa is the name of the Christmas unique.

Question: What is Stewie’s middle name?Response: His complete name is Stewart “Stewie” Gilligan Griffin.

Question: Peter’s biological daddy, Mickey McFinnigan, has actually a family pet called O’Brian who bears a striking similarity to the Griffin household pet dog, Brian. What type of animal is canine Brian’s Irish equivalent?Response: This animal is a sheep.

Question: In the episode “Stew-Roids”, Stewie chooses it’s time to begin striking the health club after getting battered by who?Response: Susie beats him up.

Question: What ended Peter’s NFL profession with the New England Patriots?Response: An unreasonable screen of showboating ended his NFL profession.

Question: What resides in Chris’ closet?Response: A wicked monkey resides in his closet.

 flat screen tv showing Netflix logo design Unsplash/ Thibault Penin

Question: Where do the Griffins live?Response: They reside on 31 Spooner Street.

Question: What is the population of Quahog , Rhode Island?Response: The population is 800 individuals.

Question: What is Peter’s genuine given name?Response: Justin is his genuine given name.

Question: What instrument did Peter play in junior college?Response: He found out how to play the trombone.

Question: When the Griffins transferred to London, who was the only family member who had the ability to rapidly find out cockney English?Response: Chris has the ability to discover cockney English.

Question: How much does Peter claim to weigh?Response: He declares that he weighs 293 pounds.

 lady pushing bed while consuming puff corn Unsplash/ JESHOOTS.COM

Question: How lots of times do the Griffins lose their lottery game cash in “Lottery Fever”?Response: They lose their cash 2 times.

Question: Who has an invisible/imaginary better half called Marian?Response: Patrick Pewterschmidt has a fictional spouse.

Question: Which character utilized to be an auctioneer?Response: Cleveland utilized to be an auctioneer.

Question: What is the name of the Griffin household canine?Response: Brian Griffin is the name of the household canine.

Question: How old does Stewie Griffin kip down the episode “Chitty, Chitty Death Bang?”.Response: He turns one.

Question: Who isn’t welcomed when the community grownups schedule a journey to the Bahamas?Response: Quagmire isn’t welcomed on this journey.

 yellow flower on black crt television Unsplash/ Inkredo Designer

Question: Who triggered the huge bang in the episode “The Big Bang Theory”?Response: Stewie triggered the huge bang to happen.

Question: Who is the owner and bartender of the Drunken Clam?Response: Horace is the name of the owner and bartender.

Question: Where did Lois wish to take Stewie on his very first birthday?Response: She wishes to take him to Cheese E Charlie’’ s.


Question: In the episode” Foxy Lady”, what do we discover was Lois’ significant in college?Response: In college, she learnt journalism .

Question: What was the tune Herbert sang to Chris in the Star Wars unique, “Blue Harvest”?Response: “I’ve Had The Time of My Life” is the tune sang in this episode.

Question: What is the name of the little lady Bonnie Swanson lastly brings to life in season 7?Response: Susie is the name of this little woman.

 lady in gray coat standing in front of gray and black electronic keyboard Unsplash/ Murai.hr

Question: What task does Peter get in the episode “Peter-assment”?Response: He gets a task as a paparazzo.

Question: Which Family Guy character is a brainwashed Russian sleeper representative?Response: Adam West is the brainwashed character.

Question: Many understand that the Giant Chicken’s name is Ernie. Lots of do not understand what his partner’s name is. What is it?Response: Nicole is the name of the chicken’s partner.

Question: Which character’s home is consistently damaged in a running gag?Response: Cleaveland’s home is ruined in a running gag.

Question: Who plays Neil Goldman on Family Guy?Response: Seth Green plays this character.

Question: What number does Peter use when he bets the New England Patriots?Response: He uses the number 68 on his jersey.

 2 guys sitting next to CRT TELEVISION Unsplash/ Daria Krasnenko

Question: What starlet from “Mean Girls” was initially the voice of Meg?Response: Lacey Chabert was initially the voice of Meg.

Question: When Peter discovers out his home isn’t part of the United States, what does he call his home?Response: He names his home Petoria.

Question: In the episode “Fat Guy Strangler”, who is the separated sibling of Lois?Response: Patrick is the name of her separated bro in this controversially entitled episode .

Question: Who burned The Drunken Clam to the ground?Response: God burned the bar to the ground.

Question: How lots of kids does Peter Griffin have?Response: Peter doesn’’ t even understand the number of kids he has.

Question: Who was promoted ahead of Peter at the Pawtucket Brewery?Response: Opie was promoted ahead of him at the brewery.

 individual holding black iphone 5 Unsplash/ Sayan Ghosh

Question: Who is Peter’s guide?Response: The Fonz is his guide.

Question: Where does Chris run to when he gets battered on his very first day of high school?Response: He runs to South America.

Question: What Television program does Chris make a recommendation to at the end of the episode “Blue Harvest” for getting the concept for a Star Wars episode?Response: Robot Chicken is the television program that is referenced.

Question: What is the name of the old sailor with wood pegs for legs and arms?Response: Seamus is the name of the old sailor.

Question: What is the given name of Lois’ daddy?Response: Carter is her dad’s given name.

Question: What was the name of Cleveland’s cousin, the psychic who informed Peter’s previous life to him in “Peter’s Progress”?Response: Madame Claude is the name of his psychic cousin.

 silver iMac, Magic Mouse, and cordless keyboard on desk neaar windows Unsplash/ Clay Banks

Question: Who purchases the Drunken Clam when it gets struck by a cyclone in the episode “One if by Clam, Two if by Sea”?Response: Nigel Pinchley purchases the bar in this episode.

Question: In episode “Hannah Banana”, Evil Monkey vacates Chris’s closet. Whose closet does the Evil Monkey move into?Response: He moves into the closet of Jake Tucker.

Question: Who discovers that Brian took the celebration prize in “Love Thy Trophy”?Response: Rod Serling discovered that Brian took the celebration prize.

Question: Who is Peter’s biological dad?Response: Mickey McFinnigan is his biological daddy.

Question: How old was Peter when he had his very first fart?Response: He was thirty years of ages.

Question: What was the profession of the Griffin’s next-door neighbor, Cleveland Brown?Response: He is a deli owner.

 clap board roadside Jakob and Ryan Unsplash/ Jakob Owens

Question: In the episode “Hannah Banana”, what trick is found about Miley Cyrus?Response: She is an android.

Question: In the episode “Chitty Chitty Death Bang”, who does Stewie get in “self-defense” on his very first birthday?Response: The Man in White.

Question: Chris Griffin has it difficult, what with a wicked monkey living in his closet. Not just that, he likewise has a lecherous old male who starves after him. What is his name?Response: Herbert is the name of the old male.

Question: Why does not Peter’s dad, Francis, authorize of his marital relationship to Lois?Response: He didn’t authorize of their marital relationship since she’s Protestant.

Question: Who did Peter Griffin when capture Meg in bed with?Response: Bill Clinton remained in bed with her.

Question: What is the name of the bar that Peter and his good friends typically purchase from?Response: The Drunken Clam is the name of the bar they purchase from.

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