Just 600 examples of the Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition are heading to U.S. shores and sadly, one of them has already been destroyed in a fire.

This particular Civic Type R has been listed up for sale through IAAI and while no details about the incident that led to its destruction have been provided, these images show that it is now nothing more than a molten mess of melted plastic and steel.

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Every single body panel of the car has been ruined by the inferno that engulfed it and all of the windows have been blown out. It is a very sorry sight and the only tell-tail signs that this is a Civic Type R Limited Edition as opposed to a regular Civic hatchback are the glimpses of yellow paint that can be seen, as well as the intercooler, the black wheels, and the red Brembo brake calipers.

The listing does not state the full VIN of the car, meaning it is unclear which of the 600 U.S.-bound examples it is. Here’s hoping it is not #001 that was recently sold at auction for an eye-watering $102,000.

Obviously, the car will never return to the roads and with the possible exception of the two front brake calipers, absolutely no parts of it are salvageable. Which begs the question: who in their right mind would purchase it, and why?

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