Apple lowers the trade-in value for some of the best Android phones

Got the latest Galaxy smartphone? Apple doesn’t care.

What you need to know

Apple has slashed the trade-in values for many Android smartphones.
The most significant cuts are applied to Samsung’s best and latest smartphones.
Some of Apple’s own products are seeing reduced trade-in values as well.

Your Galaxy S21 is so 2021, at least according to Apple, which has reportedly slashed the trade-in values for several flagship Android smartphones.

The changes were reported by MacRumors, who compiled a list of devices with their old and new trade-in values. The list consists only of Samsung and Google phones, with Galaxy devices seeing the largest cuts. Interestingly, you’ll still get more for the 2020 Galaxy Note 20 than you will for a 2021 Galaxy S21+.

You can check below to see what some of the best Android phones are worth to Apple:

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G – $260 (previously $325)
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G – $325 (previously $435)
Samsung Galaxy S20+ – $205 (previously $275)
Samsung Galaxy S20 – $150 (previously $205)
Samsung Galaxy S10+ – $170 (previously $185)
Samsung Galaxy S10 – $150 (previously $160)
Samsung Galaxy S10e – $120 (previously $130)
Samsung Galaxy S9+ – $80 (previously $95)
Samsung Galaxy S9 – $65 (previously $75)
Samsung Galaxy S8+ – $60 (no change)
Samsung Galaxy S8 – $50 (no change)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – $405 (previously $545)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – $285 (previously $385)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – $175 (previously $235)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – $120 (previously $130)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – $45 (previously $65)
Google Pixel 5 – $235 (previously $315)
Google Pixel 4 XL – $135 (previously $180)
Google Pixel 4 – $110 (previously $150)
Google Pixel 4a – $120 (previously $160)
Google Pixel 3 XL – $50 (previously $70)
Google Pixel 3 – $45 (previously $55)
Google Pixel 3a XL – $50 (previously $55)
Google Pixel 3a – $50 (no change)

On the one hand, it makes sense since we’re in a new year with a new batch of flagship smartphones on the horizon. Samsung is gearing up to launch the Galaxy S22 series, which we expect to see in early February. And of course, this only applies to anyone hoping to make the switch away from Android over to the dark side. But on the other hand, it’ll make it a little less desirable to switch if you have to fork over more cash.

That said, Apple also slashed the trade-in values for some of its own products as well:

iPad – $200 (previously $205)
iPad Air – $335 (previously $345)
MacBook Pro – $1415 (previously $1630)
MacBook Air – $530 (previously $550)
MacBook – $325 (previously $340)
iMac – $1260 (previously $1320)
Mac mini – $740 (previously $800)

Regardless, be prepared to spend a little more dough if you’re looking to trade in any of these devices for a new Apple smartphone, tablet, or computer. Of course, you can always just take that phone and grab another Samsung, like the excellent Galaxy Z Flip 3. At least Samsung will give you a decent trade-in value for your phone.

Foldable chic

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

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From $900 at Best Buy
$941.31 at Amazon

It flips, but it won’t flop

The new Galaxy Z Flip 3 is perfect for anyone who misses the good old days when hanging up was as dramatic as slamming your phone shut. And with the larger external display, it’s perfect for controlling music, checking messages, or taking selfies with the dual-camera setup.

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