Philips has extended its popular Dental Care Recycling Programme. It inspires patients to drop off used plastic dental items at dental practices.

To encourage practices to sign up, the company is offering a 10% discount on all Sonicare products and created new roundel to promote the scheme to patients.

The Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme

Every year millions of dental care products end up in landfill and incineration across the UK.

To help combat this, Philips and Terracycle have extended their Dental Care Recycling Programme, to encourage patients to drop off all their plastic dental items at their dental practice for recycling once more now that the lockdown restrictions are easing.

Participating dental practices can now feature an eye-catching roundel announcing that they are an eco-aware practice running a recycling scheme for their windows, websites and social media channels. The roundel also provides the message that patients, and members of the public can deposit plastic dental items at the practice for recycling.

The nationwide Dental Care Recycling Programme invites dental professionals to become an eco-practice. Patients can then dispose of their dental waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Collecting and recycling these items through The Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme diverts waste from landfill and incineration. Whilst at the same time enabling dental practices to raise money for charitable organisations.

Recyclable items include: electric toothbrush heads and covers, electric flosser nozzles, flossing sticks, interdental brushes, and dental floss containers, from all brands.

Setting up a Terracycle account

Dental practices can participate by setting up a free Terracycle account and requesting a recycling collection box.

Patients can then drop off their used dental care items in the collection box when they next attend an appointment. Members of the public can also pop in their used dental plastic.

When the collection box is full, the dental practice can log into their Terracycle account and request a pre-paid shipping label to send back the collected used dental care products for recycling.

The programme offers 100 Terracycle points for each kilogram of dental care products sent. However, the points are only awarded if the parcel reaches the minimum weight of two kilograms.

Points are redeemable as financial donations to the practice’s charity or school of choice.

All waste collected as part of this programme is shipped to the Terracycle warehouse. Here, Terracyle recycles it into new products.

To find out more about the programme and to sign up, please visit: or

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