Behet Bondzio Lin Architekten combines “sacred and ordinary” in concrete church tower

 Image of the vertical Tamkang Church in Taiwan

German practice Behet Bondzio Lin Architekten has actually finished a church and social well-being centre in New Taipei City, Taiwan , housed in a high-rise cinder block topped with an angular roofing system.

Rather than embracing the common signs of a church structure, the 11-storey structure is rather notified by the brand-new domestic towers being developed around it. Cruciform skylights in its roofing system and a cruciform window are the only visual hints to its function.

 Image of Tamkang Church from street level Tamkang Church is housed in a vertical structure in Taiwan created by Behet Bondzio Lin Architekten.

” This structure is being in a brand-new city settlement so is anticipating to have 200,000 living systems grow beside it within the next 10 years,” task designer Rodrigo Reverte informed Dezeen.

” The structure is among the very first developed on this brand-new advancement, so in spiritual terms, it was considered a spotlight for individuals to come to, with its cross-shaped lit roofing,” he continued.

 Image of Tamkang Church's sculptural concrete exterior Randomly positioned square and rectangle-shaped openings cover the exterior.

Across its 11 floors, the structure homes occasions areas, lecture halls, parish locations, class and well-being areas stacked atop one another and linked by staircases and lifts at the tower’s corners.

” The architecture of cathedrals frequently utilizes the cruciform shape as the primary aspect to arrange its area,” stated the practice .

” The style idea of the Tamkang Church is likewise based upon the cross, however in the more comprehensive sense … it links individuals’s lives through the church event and their life, and brings nature into the city life,” it continued.

 Detail picture of the exterior and windows at Tamkang Church An abstract cruciform shape bores the exterior of the church.

Wrapping around the ground flooring, a series of thin steel beams matching the roofing system structure confine a double-height entryway area, which can be partitioned into 4 for events and occasions.

The primary parish location is a double-height, 600-seat auditorium on the 4th and 3rd floorings, with a cruciform window noticeable on the structure’s outside.

 Saemoonan Church in Seoul South Korea, by Seoinn Design Group Read: Observatory with suspended cross types modern spire for South Korean church.

On the leading flooring is another church hall for events such as baptisms and wedding events, lit up by coloured, stained-glass-style windows inset into the steel frame of the angular roofing structure.

A skylight above a baptismal font style in this area is oriented to get direct sunshine at 2pm, throughout events.

 The church has concrete interiors The church was built utilizing board-formed concrete.

A lively, casual plan of deeply-recessed windows and cut-outs characterise the outside of the structure, which has actually been completed in exposed, board-formed concrete.

” The window organisation is developed as a constellation of tones of lights,” stated Reverte. ” In the primary stair area in between walls on the west side, the sun carries out a cubism painting constructed of light in the afternoon.”

 Interior picture of the 600-seat auditorium The interior areas are arranged throughout numerous levels.

Small planted balconies have actually been produced in a few of these cut-outs, and at the top of the constructing a seeing terrace surrounds the church hall to offer significant views over the landscape.

Concrete specifies the structure throughout, with a mix of exposed and polished surface areas in the interiors contrasted by pale plywood woodworking.

 Image of the balcony on the upper floorings of the church Areas of planting can be discovered on verandas.

Details in the church areas consist of a cast of Jesus used the concrete formwork, and a wall behind the baptism area made with concrete cast utilizing steel tubes to produce a fluted result.

Other just recently finished locations of praise consist of a circular church in Brno topped by a rainbow stained glass roofing , and a church in South Korea with a curved stone exterior .

The photography is by YuChen Chao .

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