Cisco ISE Policy Ignoring AD Group Rule 802.1x

Hey There Everyone,

So I'' ve got an odd one. Off I'' ll state we are still running ISE 2.1 (I KNOW, I KNOW EOL updating isn'' t an alternative at this time due to existing hardware being not up to snuff) So we run Meraki APs and whatever was working excellent.

We have a couple of policies connected to our business WIFI with 802.1 X. We just recently stood Microsoft InTune and appeared to be working terrific however the issue is business computer systems are likewise being viewed as an MDM gadget from the Intune representative stating the device is certified.

our guidelines are

Machine becomes part of the computer systems Group|permit on to corp wifi Machine is a fixed group set up in ISE (for like non domain computer systems i.e Macs)|permit on corp wifi Intune returns as certified|If I disable the intune guideline the computer system is dropped into our visitor VLAN, put in unique VLAN All stops working put into visitor cordless VLAN

. I'' ve confirmed my computer system belongs to the domain computer systems group and evaluating the live logs I see the computer system being discovered in ADVERTISEMENT and my user authentication working and such.

Is there anywhere besides live logs that I can see what is going on like an incredibly granular view of it attempting the various policies and passing or stopping working or why its stopping working or passing? with the whole business primarily being WFH this was an unidentified concern up until I began hearing rumblings from a feel individuals and entered into the workplace and discovered that I was getting “” Could not link to this network” “when I attempted to go to our business SSID.

It wasn'' t up until I forgot the SSID I had the ability to link however then was getting dropped into the incorrect VLAN.

Mobile phones aren'' t having the problem they are being put in the appropriate VLAN this seems just laptop computers particularly Windows 10 20H2.

If anybody can offer some guidance on where to keep fixing as I'' ve limited the problem I simply can'' t make heads or tales of why the guidelines appears to be disregarded.

Appreciate your time.

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