The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise started back in 1974 with the release of the initial movie, and Leatherface is still intimidating audiences all these years later on. The current installation, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is now streaming on Netflix. This time around, director David Blue Garcia was accountable for bringing the infamous killer to the screen.

Screen Rant spoke to Garcia to discuss his experience making Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the brand-new movie’s location in the series timeline, Easter eggs, and more.

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Screen Rant: Let’s back all of it the method up. Do you keep in mind the very first time you saw the initial Texas Chainsaw Massacre and what went through your mind when you saw it?

David Blue Garcia: It’s amusing, I’ve been getting asked that concern a lot and, in truth, I would state it’s one of the primary movie theater memories I have. There’s specific films that you enjoy throughout your youth that actually stand apart. Among them is Jurassic Park, for me, however among them is Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which began cable television late during the night and I turned the television on, I was viewing it, 30-40 minutes in Leatherface pops out and I was so frightened. I turned the television off. Then I had to see how the story ended so I enjoyed the rest of it. It was simply so dark and frightening and I ‘d never ever seen anything like it.

I do not understand why the video camera sounds terrified me more than nearly anything in the motion picture. I do not understand why I discovered them so frightening.

David Blue Garcia: The sound style and ball game for that film are truly out of this world.

And then, naturally, Marilyn Burns shouting in the trunk at the end. It’s so renowned. Since I was too young, I likewise believed it was a real story.

David Blue Garcia: Absolutely. A great deal of individuals matured believing that and still believe that this day.

Can you speak about how you landed in the director’s chair for this one and simply go through that backstory a bit?

David Blue Garcia: I’m a native Texan I matured in Texas, still live here. My very first movie is called Tejano, which implies Texan in Spanish. I believe the studio saw me and was like, “That’s the person. That’s the best man to helm this film.” ” Also, the very first Texan in rather a long while to helm this franchise. Tobe Hooper, Kim Henkel, and me. It was a bit of luck, likewise fulfilling the best individuals. When the chance came, I needed to go with it.

There are many Texas Chainsaw films, like you discussed, how do you cover your head around the connection of everything and where this movie suits? Does it neglect whatever else however the 1974 motion picture?

David Blue Garcia: We like to call this a direct follow up to the initial. Not that it overlooks all the other movies in between, however those aren’t as essential to the story. You can pick and select what you wish to from those other movies. We’re choosing the motion picture up 50 years later on and Leatherface has actually sort of been lying low in this orphanage and is disrupted by these millennial lead characters who pertain to town.

What was the most crucial component of the very first film and the franchise for you to integrate in the brand-new movie?

David Blue Garcia: For me, it was sort of the spirit. The spirit of the filmmaking of that very first film. I do not like to enjoy films while I make films. I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the initial, and then I didn’t view anything else for 2 months while I shot this. To me, it simply type of provides me a concept for what I wish to do. I’m not really straight copying anything from the initial. It simply provided me sort of a feel.

Something that stood apart to me about the initial that not a great deal of individuals speak about, is how darkly amusing it is. I made sure to bring a little bit of levity into this movie. You may have seen it, the bus scene when Leatherface strolls on and all the characters raise their mobile phone. When I came on, that’s one of the very first things I included.

What was the hardest fight for you in making this film? What was the hardest thing for you to get?

David Blue Garcia: I believe shooting virtually, a great deal of the blood and gore is constantly an obstacle. It’s so simple for a director to simply resemble, “Oh, it’s simpler, we’ll simply include some blood in post. We’ll include some CGI blood in post. We’ll simply shoot it and carry on.” Actually sticking with that discipline and attempting to get it ideal in-camera takes a lot of perseverance. That was tough to find out. [ I] had Fede Álvarez assisting me, directing me through that procedure. He’s done that often times previously. It was an excellent knowing experience.

What’s the blood constructed of nowadays?

David Blue Garcia: Every department has their own mix of blood. I understand the makeup department has blood that goes on skin. The unique results department has their own blood, and the mask department has their own blood. I really do not understand the chemical substances that go into these various bloods. It was all blood to me.

You discussed this a bit, however we get to see Leatherface once again, naturally. How has Leatherface altered given that the last time we saw him?

David Blue Garcia: I believe the most noteworthy modification is that he has actually aged a fair bit. Individuals like to discuss, “Oh, he would be so old” or “How would it feel to walk around or raise a chainsaw?” And I do not believe those individuals have actually been to Texas and seen these old farmers that I’ve seen. I indicate, these people are 80 years of ages and still carrying bags of grain and things over their shoulder. I have no doubt that Leatherface consuming and living well for 50 years, not consuming quick food, would be a robust and really healthy male. He hasn’t been on the web or anything like that. He’s generally residing in the exact same psychological period as the very first movie till he strolls onto that bus and it’s like he time-traveled from 1974 to 2022 and he sees all these hipsters.

He’s like, “farewell.”

David Blue Garcia: He’s like “I do not like this.”

The vibes are off, they’re gone.

Of course, we see Sally, which is amazing to bring her back. Can you speak about bringing her back and how she’s altered given that the last time we saw her?

David Blue Garcia: I believe Sally was necessary to restore since we wished to sort of pass the torch from her character to the next group of characters, and it rather actually takes place in the movie. In 50 years, she’s been dealing with her own past, her own injury, something she ran from. Now she’s attempting to combat. She wishes to get her vengeance, however she simply hasn’t had the ability to discover Leatherface. It’s good to be able to inform and finish her story, continue her story.

You likewise utilize among the initial chainsaws from the initial movie, fix? How did you get it and what was it like to utilize on set?

David Blue Garcia: We had this older chainsaw and I was informed it’s one of the initial chainsaws from the very first film. This is what I was informed. I had a sort of respect for it. And I will inform you, it’s older and it rarely begun. I would take 10 to 15 to 20 minutes in some cases of simply [revving sounds] attempting to get it began, and when it was on, we didn’t understand for how long it would remain on due to the fact that it would simply shut off whenever it desired. It put out these awful fumes. I indicate, a lot smoke to the point where I state that if Leatherface had actually truly strolled onto that bus, he might have simply stood there for about 30 seconds and everybody would have passed away of asphyxiation prior to he even had a possibility to cut them up.

It’s like the shark from Jaws.

David Blue Garcia: Yes. I had a great deal of prop saws too that I would utilize prior to I needed to utilize the initial. I utilize the initial for undoubtedly, all the close-ups and the genuine star takes.

That’s amazing. What was your real geek-out minute on set where you’re similar to, “Oh, hell yeah, I’m making Texas Chainsaw Massacre child!”

David Blue Garcia: It’s when you’re lastly shooting that scene of Leatherface chasing after and running somebody. That’s the renowned minutes, you understand what I imply? There’s a great deal of feline and mouse frightening things that we were shooting. As quickly as you see him running complete tilt with that chainsaw up in the air and the backlit smoke rippling behind him, that’s when you understand you’ve made it.

Do you have a preferred Easter egg that eagle-eyed fans should look out for?

David Blue Garcia: There’s a great deal of easter eggs in the movie, a few of which I’m still finding since I forgot that we put them in. When I rewatch the motion picture, I’m like, “oh yeah! Forgot about that.” One of my favorites is, if you simply look in the bus scene, appearance in the windows. Search in the lightning flashes in the windows and you’ll see something quite intriguing.

I was simply speaking to Elsie [Fisher] and Sarah [Yarkin] and they were discussing when he puts the phone up and they’re scrolling, you can see the names are the authors and Fede [Alvarez] and all that.

David Blue Garcia: I’m in there. I have a cameo as one of those little names in the Instagram Live.

I like that. Simply a Leatherface being on set, you have Mark Burnham playing him. What was he like on set? Was he in fact freaky?

David Blue Garcia: Mark Burnham is a truly great person, however when you see him standing there at 6 foot 6, using the mask, simply filling the entrance, it’s a little frightening, you understand what I suggest? I ‘d resemble, “Mark, do not do not slip up on me like that.” It was a lot less frightening when I ‘d see him sitting down in his chair consuming a Diet Coke. I ‘d be like, “Okay, excellent. I’m not going to get killed.”

When you see Sally and him standing beside each other or throughout from each other, that’s when you’re like, “Oh my God. He is substantial.”

David Blue Garcia: Yeah, Mark is a beastly guy. Truly huge person. Mild Giant and brought a great deal of actually excellent concepts to the motion picture and a truly intriguing efficiency for Leatherface, even behind the mask, which’s difficult to do.

This sort of has actually a great covered bow on it. Do you have a follow up in mind? Do you have more prepare for more Texas Chainsaws?

David Blue Garcia: I have a lots of concepts if we get to do another film, however that’s up to the powers at be, and Netflix, and other individuals. I ‘d enjoy to be able to explore what occurs next.

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