Raw wood grain, rattan weaves, and a host of prominent textures fill these three deeply rustic interiors with a tactile decor experience and a truly mesmerising visual feast. The dramatic rustic aesthetic is met by lesser boho & nomadic melds to form transitional moments. Modern linear furniture silhouettes and curved decor accessories introduce flashes of contemporary styling. A rustic colour palette of peaceful beiges and browns fashion a warm and cosy atmosphere with a hint of intimacy and romance. Plentiful indoor plants bring in naturally uplifting greenery. Bare concrete decor and stone elements add sturdy weight and a comforting feeling of permanence within the fickle modern world.

The first of our three deeply rustic interior designs is a large and luxury abode with a lofty living room. Bespoke pendant lights descend over a weathered wooden coffee table at the core of the lounge arrangement, where a rustic pouf duo is casually nestled at one end.

Architect: Salah Fattah  
Visualizer: Alena Valyavko  

At the far end of the grand living room, great wooden shutters slide back to reveal the TV wall.

A linear modern sofa design is bedded on a textured rustic base to give the best of both worlds. Translucent drapes billow and flow romantically in the breeze at the living room windows.

Woven living room chairs are paired with a round wood coffee table along the edge of the room to form an intimate conversation spot or a reading nook.

The geometric weave in the lounge chairs is complemented by striking geometric patterned shutters on each of the windows and doors.

Stone flooring lays down a captivating bed for the lounge, and makes a border around a sunken conversation pit. Stone steps lead down into each side of the dipped area in an attractive symmetrical arrangement. A rectangle coffee table slices down the centre of the layout.

Built in sofas span the perimeter of the conversation pit in a cosy U-shaped formation. A built-in planter houses a mature plant at each side to prettily frame the room.

Natural scatter pillows accessorise the grey sofa upholstery.

Tea lights twinkle magically across the coffee table.

The fabulous stone flooring carries on through into the kitchen, which is a wide room with facing cabinet walls and a large central kitchen island.

The chimney extractor has a prominent patina, which gives the kitchen design some age, despite its sharp contemporary island aesthetic.

Cast concrete wraps the top and sides of the bespoke kitchen island. Rattan kitchen bar stools bring textural contrast against the smooth cast countertop.

The master bedroom suite is a bewitching space with its own lounge area and an open plan ensuite bathroom design. Large clay bedroom pendant lights swing from various locations in the room, creating a casually scattered and layered look.

Dried pampas grass fills a floor vase with a feathery flourish that softens and deepens the textural decor palette.

In the open plan ensuite bathroom design, an amazing sunken bathtub is dramatically filled by a wide waterfall faucet, and romantically lit by an open skylight.

A long vanity unit spans the opposite side of the ensuite. A bright chrome tap fills the integrated bathroom sink.

A soft throw subtly continues the geometric pattern theme, along with a geometric rattan storage basket.

Geometric screens lightly separate the sleep space from the ensuite. The panels can be rotated on their axis to achieve a changing level of light and connection between the two spaces.

A vase of greenery and a coffee table book adorn the bedroom lounge table.

The second bedroom scheme also has its own cosy lounge area, arranged with a small sofa and nesting round coffee tables. Sliding glass doors give access to the bedroom’s own mini courtyard, which is privately screened off from the rest of the outdoors.

Designer: Yana Prydalna  
Visualizer: Maria Soroka  

The Rhythms of Nature project is a 91.8 square metre home design in Bordeaux, France. Natural tones colour the peaceful decor palette, which features raw wall render, rattan weaves and a plethora of beautiful neutral bohemian accessories.

Wicker pendants form an integral part of the rustic interior, dropping natural texture at intervals.

Three enormous wicker pendants lights are lined up along the length of the kitchen island and the dining table, creating a dominant feature in the open plan living room.

Thick wooden sleepers form a hearth and a mantel where there might be a fireplace, however, in this home it is a plethora of candles that provide the flame.

The TV is mounted a prime viewing spot for the entire room to view, even from the kitchen and dining areas behind the couch.

The open layout benefits from a flow of natural sunlight that floods through patio doors in the lounge.

The concrete covered kitchen island makes sharp contradiction to the live edge wood dining table.

Wooden kitchen cabinets are set back within the concrete walls to achieve a streamlined layout.

Modern wall sconces line the hallway toward the bedrooms, bathroom, and entryway.

In the entryway, a neutral boho rug throws a softer texture onto the concrete floor, beside a freestanding wood coat rack.

A full length mirror draws out an elegant arch against the bare concrete wall.

Another soft rug warms the wooden floor in the ​​home office.

A mature cactus thrives in a simple white planter, whilst a rattan vessel brings texture and warmth to the decorative grouping.

The abaca rope-wrapped footed stool is exclusively stocked for Palecek.

The computer and keyboard are set on a concrete and wood modern rustic desk design.

A wispy rattan light shade delicately crowns the workspace with a lightweight aesthetic.

Floating office storage cabinets are finished with an attractive wood grain finish.

An upholstered swivel chair offers ergonomic seating in earthy colours that complement the natural material palette of the room.

In the corner of the home office, a bundle of branches are propped as natural decor, which helps to counteract the unavoidable modernity of the office equipment.

The home has a small wine storage room, which is backlit with a wall of diffused lighting.

Special shelves have been created to cradle the wine bottles for easy selection. A small wooden stool stands by to assist access to the highest racks.

The good stuff can be tucked way up high, whilst cheaper alternatives fill crates at floor level.

After a heavy night of wine with friends, the simple bedroom design offers a spot for peaceful slumber. A wooden platform bed features an upholstered headboard for comfort whilst reading.

A striped rug and bed throw add in warming accents of dark ochre.

The stripes in the bedroom rug complement the slatted wardrobe doors.

A rattan pendant light illuminates one side of the bed, whilst a floor lamp arches at the other.

The bedside table is a small rustic stool, just wide enough to hold a cup of coffee and a book without room to attract excessive clutter.

Illuminated shelves add a cosy glow by the wardrobe.

The floor lamp arches in front of a large freeform mirror, which creates a bright and spacious effect.

A boho tasselled scatter cushion accents a woven bedroom chair.

The second bedroom also carries a boho style in the form of macrame bedroom wall decor.

A bedroom pendant light descends low on a small bedside unit with storage.

Linen bed covers are layered to achieve a premium look.

At the side of the bedroom, a shower enclosure and a bathroom vanity unit make up an open plan ensuite.

Two lidded rattan laundry baskets push in underneath the modern concrete vanity unit to save space in the bedroom. A decorative bathroom tray holds hand soap dispensers and other toiletries.

In the main bathroom, a utility area is hidden behind fashionable wood slatted doors.

A storage area hides up top.

A ladder shelf holds a stock of fresh towels between the shower enclosure and the bathroom vanity.

The guest powder room continues in the concrete decor theme.

A black toilet contrasts darkly with the grey concrete walls.

Visualizer: Alena Valyavko  

Our final rustic home design is enriched with deep green decor accents. A muted green sofa is set upon a large area rug in the lounge, where a mesmerising 3D tiled wall dominates.

A tripod floor lamp and modern lounge chair make up a comfortable reading area alongside a set of display shelves.

Decorative vases set areas of interest around the room.

A rustic planter brings in a touch of the outdoors.

The log storage unit is situated next to a linear fireplace, where it forms a cosy, decorative feature.

A rattan footstool adds texture to the stylish lounge furniture selection.

Unique ​​dining room pendant lights are paired above the table to double their effect.

Distressed wood shelves are underlit with LED strips.

Wooden kitchen pendant lights illuminate the kitchen island, which has a breakfast bar at one end.

Warm orange tones swirl through the tiled backsplash.

A rustic fruit bowl, vase, and decorative plates create a small focal point.

In the rustic bedroom, enormous earthenware pendant lights swing by the bed canopy.

The sheer canopy falls from the rafters to create a long drop.

Earthenware pots dot red accents into the grey scheme.

Indoor plants add life to the stony surroundings.

A small wooden bench serves as the bedside table.

The bathroom is a unique space, with a bespoke ​​bathroom sink unit.

Colours are dark and moody to create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

A stone bathtub is the focal point of the room.

Shutters open up a jungle around the bathtub.

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