Google Voice Not Working? 7 Fixes to Try

Google Voice is among the most popular VoIP (Voice Over IP) services in usage today. Since the service is totally free unless you mean to port your real cell phone number to the service, this is mainly.

The service is totally free if you register for a distinct contact number supplied by Google, and you can forward any messages or calls to this number to your own mobile phone. There are events when Google Voice might not work. This might be not getting brand-new call notices, not getting brand-new calls or messages at all, or not having the ability to access your account at all.

In this post you’’ ll find out the 7 most typical repairs for when Google Voice is not working.

.1. Log Into the Correct Google Account.

If you can’’ t even log into your Google Voice account to obtain your messages, there might be a number of factors.

The very first thing to inspect is that you’’ re logged into the appropriate Google account. This ought to be the account you utilized when you at first established Google Voice .


From the Google search web page, choose your profile image and make certain that you ’ re really logged into that Google account.

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If you ’ re not, choose Sign out and after that log back into Google with the right Google account.

. 2. Inspect Your Internet Connection.

This ought to go without stating, however if you can ’ t gain access to the web, you won ’ t have the ability to gain access to GoogleVoice.

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You might see an apparent mistake in your internet browser that you aren ’ t linked to the web.Or you might see a mistake in Google Voice that a connection is no longer readily available.


There are a couple of methods you can examine this. Follow the links listed below to fix your particularweb connection concern.

. Internet linked however still not working Your web connection is just working periodically You can ’ t link to your Wi-Fi network with Windows 10 Can ’ t link to your Wi-Fi network with Android Verify that your house Wi-Fi network is really working Troubleshoot a sluggish web connection .

If you ’ ve validated that your web connection is great, or you ’ ve repaired yourconnection however’Google Voice is still not working, then you ’ re prepared to carry on to the next troubleshooting actions.

. 3. Set Up the current Version of Google Voice’.

If you ’ re accessing Google Voice by means of your web browser, you put on ’ t need to fret about the variation ofGoogle Voice. You must make sure you ’ re utilizing the most current variation of Google Chrome , Edge , or Firefox .


You can upgrade the internet browser and access variation on the web browser About page in almost every web browser. Generally, you merely require to gain access to this page, and the internet browser will upgrade itself.

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If you ’ re accessing Google Voice on your mobile phone, go to Google Play or the Apple App Store to make certain your app is upgraded.

. 4. Ensure You ’ ve Properly Set Up Google Voice.

With Google Voice, youcan get a complimentary contact number and after that link inbound calls to that number to your smart device .


If you ’ ve done this as soon as and after that forgotten it, there are a couple of things that can fail.

.You ’ ve acquired a brand-new phone and set up Google Voice without rerouting calls to the brand-new number.You altered your contact number on your existing phone and didn ’ t upgrade Google Voice.Your Google Voice account has actually been closed down or deleted.You ’ ve established a 2nd Google Voice account and tried to refer calls from that 2nd number to the exact same phone.

Check your signed up telephone number in Google Voice, and after that verify that the gadget you ’ ve signed up is the mobile phoneyou presently own.


You can do this by choosing the equipment Settings icon at the upper right of Google Voice. Choose Account from the left menu.

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You ’ ll see your Google Voice telephone number under the Google Voice number area.You’’ ll see your signed up mobile phone under the My gadgets area.


Note: If you ’ re utilizing Voice for Google Workspace for your service interactions with numerous users, the signed up administrator requires to properly appoint users a “ license ” to utilize the Google Voice account and set their particular telephone number. Get in touch with the Admin and make sure your Google Voice account has actually been triggered and designated a right phone number if you ’ re a member of a Workspace.

. 5. Inspect Do Not Disturb Settings.

Even if you properly established Google Voice to forward contacts us to your phone or your webinternet browser, it ’ s possible you might not get calls. There are a couple of problems that can trigger this. Particularly, Do’Not Disturb settings and Call Answering settings.


Go into the Google Voice settings menu and choose Do not disrupt from the left navigation menu. Ensurethe Do not disrupt toggle on the right is not allowed.

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If this toggle is allowed, you won ’ t get any inbound call alertsfrom Google Voice.

. 6. Examine Call Answering Settings.

Another setting that can result in Google Voice not workingwith inbound calls are the Call Answering settings. You ’ ll discover this in the Google Voice Settings menu. Select Calls from the left navigation pane.

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Look for the Incoming calls area on the right and the My gadgets area under that.For each gadget you wish to get Google Voice gets in touch with, ensure the toggle changes to the right of those are allowed.

. 7. Have You Used Google Voice Lately?

Some reports from users state that their Google Voice service merely stoppedworking after they stopped working to open Google Voice and utilize it straight for a long period of time.


The very first thing to attempt is logging back into your Google Voice account and examining current messages. Simply thisactivity alone might reactivate your account and repair problems with not getting notices.


However, a more major issue might be that your access to Google Voice has actually been withdrawed totally. This cantake place for a number of factors.

. You sanctuary ’ t phoned or got a text and even troubled listening to your Google Voice voicemails inmore than 6 months. You ported over your old telephone number to utilize in Google Voice, however stopped working to pay the$ 20 charge for this alternative.

In either of these cases, you ’ ll not just lose access to the Google Voice service, however you’ll lose your Google Voice contact number completely.


Don ’ t concern though; you ’ ll still have 45 more days to connect to Google Support and recover your Google Voice telephone number.


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