Randomized and Changing MAC (RCM)

MDM service supplies a distinct gadget identity. When the endpoint links to the network utilizing randomized MAC address, MDM compliance check and other security controls stop working since of unacknowledged random MAC addresses as gadget identifiers. This option supplies a distinct identity to the gadget based upon EAP-TLS which is called DUID (Device Unique ID) […]

This Honda CR-V Convertion To A Rugged Pickup Doesn’t Look That Bad

What would you do if you owned an old and damaged second-gen Honda CR-V? If you want ideas, you can get inspired by this owner from California who had the idea of converting it to a single-cab pickup. The build was spotted on the street by a Reddit user who uploaded it on the Shitty_Car_Mods […]

Does The iPad Air 5 Have A 120Hz Display? What You Need To Know

The iPad Air 5 is an excellent brand-new tablet with hardware that measures up to even Apple’s most pricey tablets. Powered by an M1 processor, the fifth-generation iPad Air is simply as quick as the newest iPad Pro and shares compatibility with Apple Pencil 2 and keyboard covers. That makes the iPad Air an excellent […]

Apple may launch M2 powered MacBook Air, Mac mini, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Pro with M2 Extreme and more

Apple is expected to introduce their next generation of Apple Silicon called the M2 this year, and it will to show up in multiple devices. This includes a new MacBook Air, Mac mini, 13-inch MacBook Pro and 24-inch iMac. Apple is also expected to announce a higher-end version of M2 that will power a refreshed […]

Apple’s 27-inch iMac May Be Retired | Screen Rant

As per a reliable industry analyst, Apple reportedly has no plans to launch a 27-inch iMac anytime soon. The first murmur of a high-end iMac refresh emerged in July last year, claiming that the all-in-one desktop has been pushed to 2022. The device, which was said to borrow design elements from the Pro Display XDR, was […]

Apple Insider Claims The New Mac mini Isn’t Coming Until 2023

A popular expert has actually declared that a brand-new Mac tiny will not introduce this year. The report remains in direct contrast to earlier reports that recommended the brand-new Mac mini is all set to strike shop racks in 2022. The existing Mac mini was released back in 2020 with the initial M1 chip, and […]

30 Fun Facts About Greece You Should Know!

Seeking some fun and interesting facts about Greece? The country and people are some of the most gorgeous in Europe and they’ve been drawing in tourists for decades. The Greek islands are filled with thousands of beautiful beaches, amazing food, and rich history. Does this sound like something you want to learn about? Here we […]

Buying the Zorin OS 16.1 Pro Linux-based operating system can help Ukraine

Zorin OS is one of the best Linux-based operating systems around, thanks to its focus on elegance and simplicity. It offers familiarity to Windows-switchers too. Ultimately, Zorin OS is a solid distribution for both Linux beginners and experts alike. Today, the first “point” release of Zorin OS 16 becomes available for download. Zorin OS 16.1 […]

Studio Display Vs. Pro Display XDR: $1,600 And $5,000 Monitors Compared

Apple offers 2 of the most engaging —– and most costly —– screens for Mac users seeking to develop a practical and basic desk setup. For almost 3 years, the Pro Display XDR was the only modern-day offering from Apple in the screen market. That all altered at Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ occasion in March 2022, […]

Ten contemporary residences with decorative vaulted ceilings

For our latest lookbook, we have collected 10 projects from the Dezeen archive with vaulted ceilings that add structural interest and make interiors feel more spacious. Vaulted ceilings, which were first used in ancient Egypt and are often seen in sacral architecture, use arches to stretch the ceiling upwards from the walls. As seen in […]