GoPro Hero 2 Review: Pros and Cons

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GoPro Hero 2 Review: Pros and Cons

If you’re thinking about purchasing the GoPro Hero 2 Helmet Camera to catch those wonderful and awesome minutes on your motorcycle, this evaluation might assist you comprise your mind. As the happy owner of the GoPro Hero 2 myself, and having actually caught unlimited hours of riding on motocross tracks, dune and bush routes, I can show you a few of the advantages and disadvantages that I’ve experienced with it.

I will cover things like the setup and installing, taping defects and choices, shooting environments, ease of usage, downloading, video production, specific problems I’ve stumbled upon and more so that you can utilize this evaluation to assist you find out if the GoPro 2 will match your palate.

Most motorcycle riders have actually become aware of become aware of GoPro by now (and if you have not. where have you been concealing?) as nearly every severe sport has it’s finest professional athletes taping their impressive experiences with one. And the motocross/ motorcycle scene has actually required to these things like a kid to sweet for no other factor than they’re incredible. They’re not ideal. Check out on.

The GoPro Hero 2 comes total with numerous installing fittings and brackets (however not all of them), a hard video camera real estate and 2 real estate back plates – – the requirement back plate which permits a clearer sound quality, and a water resistant back plate which does not permit as much noise to come through. You will likewise get cable televisions for charging your GoPro (it charges merely by linking it to your P.C or laptop computer) and moving pictures/ videos to your computer systems hard disk.

To make this evaluation simpler to absorb I’m going to simplify into cons and pros followed by a conclusion.

Here is a video I create utilizing 100% video footage drawn from my GoPro Hero 2. I utilized Windows Movie Maker to piece it together which is complimentary, however if you wish to produce greater quality videos you can buy a modifying software application plan. Once it’s submitted to Youtube, keep in mind the quality of the video isn’t as excellent. When seen straight from your computer system or Television, it is significantly much better.

GOPRO HERO 2 PROS:.Size: It’s little light-weight and strong. When, I hardly see it on my helmet however be careful on bush flights as I’ve gathered low hanging branches more than! Which leads me on to.Sturdiness: It’s hard. I have not wished to check its limitations however striking branches at 40km p/hour didn’t even scratch it. The real estate is developed to hold up against huge knocks!Simpleness: It’s simple to run. You will require to study the user handbook initially to find out how to utilize it as there are just 2 running buttons however they carry out several functions.Photo Quality: Basically it’s remarkable! This is high meaning. You will not be dissatisfied by the clearness of the still photos or video footage, nevertheless bear in mind the lens curves like a fish-eye lens to allow it to catch images approximately 170 degrees large on some settings, which misshapes the ideal and left sides of the images. It enables you to see more of what the real rider sees.Battery Time &&Data Capacity: Now, I have not determined precisely the length of time the rechargeable battery lasts however it’s constantly ample for a MX session. GoPro state it lasts in between 4 and 6 hours depending upon what setting you use.You can slot a 32GB sd card into the sucker which is an enormous quantity of taping time!Weather: It’s weather condition evidence. Yep, you can utilize it in the rain, snow, mud and even soak it entirely under water if you dismount in a creek crossing (see cons for damp weather condition shooting). This function makes the GoPro Hero 2 one heck of a flexible toy!Sound Quality: The sound quality is fantastic. When dealing with strong winds, by placing the microphone on the back of the electronic camera it entirely avoids that awful windy sound you get from typical video cameras. You can hear the noise of the bike perfectly, and individuals talking (if you’re not riding). The noise is visibly lowered as the microphone is enclosed if you utilize the water resistant real estate nevertheless.Movement Stabilizing: This avoids most tense video footage while riding however it’s not best. Over rough surface I still wind up with some unstable video in some cases, however it’s blazing a trail compared to other cams at the minute. There is space for enhancement here however it has actually come a long method!Lighting and Contrast: The lens adjusts immediately to unexpected modifications in light and contrast (which takes place a lot while riding particularly when reaching hill tops and leaping). This utilized to be a significant issue with the earlier helmet cameras that remained in production, however the GoPro Hero 2 has no issues in this department.Downloading: It’s extremely simple to download images and videos to your computer system or hard disk. It features a USB cable television that you link straight with your computer system with. I choose to eliminate the sd card and slot it into my P.C, then just paste and copy. Easy peasy!Video and Picture Modes: The GoPro Hero 2 has a healthy series of image and video modes depending upon what you’re attempting to catch. It has numerous video resolution sizes for various events, and series, quick shot and timer modes for pictures.Exchangeable Parts and Accessories: If you handle to harm the real estate or accessories you can buy them separately without spending for the entire thing once again. Plus there are loads of various devices you can purchase for nearly any scenario you can consider. These people have it covered!

Below is one image of a 10 shot series I captured with it. The image quality was in fact better prior to it was submitted here.

.GOPRO HERO 2 CONS:.Installing Angles: There is no simple method to understand what the view resembles as soon as installed as it does not have a view screen like typical digital electronic cameras. Often when installing it on my helmet I would movie a trip just to discover it was revealing too much of the peak of my helmet. I’ve got it basically arranged now however as I understand from experience what angle it requires to be on.

Tip: For each brand-new installing position you will require to movie a test bit then instantly see it on your laptop computer to ensure the angle is where you desire it.

.On/Off Button: Sometimes when I’m about to ride off and I push the button to turn it on, it not just turns the video camera on however alters the mode from shooting to pictures as the mode button is likewise the on/off button. If I recognize it’s altered modes) I normally curse the folks at GoPro and eliminate my helmet to arrange it out, at this phase (. When you do not understand it has actually altered modes and you miss out on out on catching your flight, the worst is.No Zoom: Because it has no zoom it’s tough to get a great clear shot beyond a 30m variety – – you truly require to be more detailed. Now, I comprehend you do not require a zoom for the function of a helmet webcam as they’re created to take video footage straight in front of your course. It would be remarkable to have a zoom on it for when you utilize it like a typical cam, like taking video of other riders.Wet Weather Riding: Water drops gather on the lens housing and blur the video footage. I’m sure this is an issue with all cams nevertheless it’s still a drawback to this otherwise incredible device.Also, I’ve utilized the water resistant back plate while riding in the forest on a damp day. There need to have been a small quantity of water inside the housing as it misted up the lens making 1 &&1/2 hours worth of video footage basically worthless. Watch out for this! Damp weather condition will likewise trigger issues. Attempt squeezing part of a gel pack (that you discover in vitamin containers) into the side of the casing to take in any wetness.GOPRO HERO 2 CONCLUSION:.

All in all I like the GoPro HERO2 and it’s been well worth the $300 or two that it cost. It’s simple to utilize, fast to establish, flexible, long lasting and produces remarkable hd video footage that you will keep for the rest of your life.

I’ve utilized it to evaluate my riding from the convenience of my sofa and for that reason enhance how I ride. You can utilize if for so numerous other activities than simply dirt cycling too so do not restrict it to simply your riding. , if you have not got one of these things currently.. If you do not have sufficient coin, what are you waiting for?! Go halves with a mate. It’s quickly within your reach.


You can utilize these things in many various methods to get that special shot or point of view. Get a little innovative and have a good time with it! You can install it in several locations such as the handlebars recalling at you or forward, the swingarm, over your chest protector and obviously on the leading or side of your helmet among others.

They’re difficult little buggers so do not be shy to put ’em on the ground near dives and berms. strike the movie button and tear past it as quick as you can. I held it in the palm of my hand at the N.Z Nationals and intended it at the pros going ill over a big table-top. Inspect it out here……

For more videos I’ve used video from my Hero 2 ensure you take a look at my videos page.


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