You'' ve simply got a brand-new set of Beats earphones, and you'' ve got them establish. They sound terrific, and look trendy, however you'' ve fallen at the last obstacle. You can'' t link them to your Mac.

But wear ' t worry. Here, we'' re going to go through the procedure of linking your Beats to your Mac gadget.

How to Pair Beats to Mac Devices

Unfortunately, there is no fast connection approach for Mac gadgets, just for your iPhone . This indicates you'' ll need to by hand combine your Beats with your Mac through the settings, however wear'' t'concern– it ' s simple enough to do.

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It doesn'' t matter whether you'' re utilizing a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro, the actions are the exact same for all Mac gadgets.

Head into System Preferences from either the Apple menu or the dock. As soon as you'' ve got the app open, click the Bluetooth button. It'' s the 3rd icon down, and 3rd icon in.

Your primary step is to confirm that Bluetooth is in fact switched on. If it'' s off, click the huge Turn Bluetooth On button on the right-hand side of the window.

If you'' re utilizing Beats earbuds with a case, make certain the earbuds are inside the case. On the case or on your over-ear Beats earphones, press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds.

You'' ll see the Beats gadget appear in the list of Bluetooth gadgets on the right-hand side of the screen. Click your Beats gadget. You'' ll see the name of your Beats transfer to the paired part of the list.

That'' s it! Your Beats are now coupled with your Mac, so you can link to them and listen'to music. Keep reading if you ' re not sure how to link your Beats.

.How to Connect Beats to Mac Devices.

After you'' ve paired your Beats to your Mac when, you won ' t requirement to do it once again. Rather, you can simply link to the earphones and begin listening—– that part'' s a lot easier.


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Make sure Bluetooth is turned on your Mac. Turn your over-ear earphones on, or put your earbuds in your ears. Which'' s it! Your Mac must instantly link to your Beats. Once they are linked, you ' ll hear a tone through the earphones.

In case your Mac doesn'' t instantly link to your Beats, you can by hand link them. To do this, struck the Bluetooth icon in the Menu bar at the top of your gadget. Click the name of your Beats earphones. The gadget needs to turn blue on the list. Your Beats are now linked.

For some factor, if your AirPods do appear in the Devices list however wear'' t work, you can erase them and after that re-pair them with your Mac. To do that, choose them from the list and click the X to the right of the AirPods.

.Listening to Your Beats.

Now you'' ve got your Beats linked and paired to your Mac, you'' re prepared to listen to anything! Your Beats will play audio from music, podcasts, or videos on your gadget.

And as one additional suggestion, your Beats will immediately detach from your Mac when you turn them off or take them out of your ears.


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