How to install an SSD

Even the best gaming PC will slow to a crawl eventually, whether your system has simply been standing the test of time or you’ve been stuck on an old hard drive. Fortunately, you can escape the sluggish confines of a hard drive pretty easily if you know how to install an SSD.

SSDs are becoming increasingly affordable and progressing towards a price parity with their disk-based counterparts. Even so, hard drives still hold the crown for best value per GB, especially for PC users with slower internet speeds that don’t have the luxury of regularly uninstalling. Those that can justify the premium of an SSD, however, will see that the newer technology provides an astronomical leap in performance, loading apps, games, and Windows significantly faster. Upgrading your RAM capacity with a set of the best gaming RAM can drastically improve OS performance, too.

This might sound tempting, but things aren’t as quite as simple as buying the best SSD for gaming available and plugging it in. There are compatibility issues that you need to watch out for and hurdles to navigate when it comes to swapping out your main system drive. But with your trusty screwdriver in hand, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about SSD installation.

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