If you’’ re in any web neighborhood,’you ’ re bound to face some concerns with others and discover yourself in a position where you feel the requirement to report somebody. On Discord, you have the capability to report anybody in a variety of methods.

You’’ ll wish to make certain you have a clear factor to report somebody, which this factor makes up a report under Discord’’ s neighborhood standards or the guidelines of a particular server you might be on. If somebody has actually breached either of these, reporting them shouldn ’ t be a problem and it’’ ll be most likely action will be taken versus them.

Here’’ s how to report somebody on Discord.

. . Reporting Someone to a Server Moderator.

If you see a user has actually broken the guidelines of a serveror Discord ’ s own standards, the very first action you ’ ll wish to take is to report the user to the mediator of the server the user belongs of. This is the most convenient strategy for reporting, and is most likely to lead to fast action being taken versus the wrongdoer.


Follow these actions to report somebody to a mediator.

.On the server, search for a mediator by taking a look at the functions of members of the server and discovering a user whose function is “ mediator, ” “ admin, ” or otherwise “a function that appears like they ’d supervise. You can ask others if they understand who a mediator of the server is if you aren ’ t sure. .Send out the mediator a personal direct message discussing the scenario, and if you can, attempt to supply screenshots or other proof of the issue and the user in concern..Deal with the mediator to go over the problem, and see what actions they can require to fix it..

If the mediator doesn’’ t respond, or doesn’’ t do anything about the issue, you might wish to consider going to Discord’’ s Trust &Safety group, which can handle concerns with anybody on Discord and in any neighborhood. This is likewise a great choice if the user in concern isn’’ t from any servers you’’ re on.

. Reporting Someone to Discord Trust &Safety.

In order to report somebody by doing this, you’’ ll requirement to be utilizing Discord ’ s designer mode. Here’’ s how to turn this on to start reporting:

.Open Discord and log into your account..Select the settings icon, which appears like an equipment, in the bottom left corner beside your username..Go to Advanced>> Developer Mode and change it to on.. .Get the User ID of the individual you wish to report, too any proof of the concern, such as screenshots.. .Go to Discord’’ s Submit a demand page and in the dropdown, choose Trust &Safety. Go into the rest of your details into the type and choose Submit &.

Make sure you explain the scenario as best as you can, and include the user ’ s ID number along with your proof. There is an area for you to get in a description of the event, along with include any accessories.

. What Happens After a Report?

Once you send out a report to either a server mediator or Discord ’ s own group, from that point on the concern is now in their hands. They ’ ll be able to do so if either of them figure out that action ought to be taken versus the user you reported.


This might imply that’the user you reported might get prohibited, in addition to their IP address getting prohibited so that they can ’ t produce brand-new accounts. The user might simply get a caution from the mediator or Discord if the offense isn ’ t considered severe enough for that.

. .

It ’ s likewise possible that absolutely nothing will take place to the user. If this takes place, it ’ s sincethe scenario wasn ’ t thought about an offense of any guidelines in a server or on the neighborhood standards. If this takes place’, however the user is still being bothersome, you might simply need to keep and wait watch on the user so you can collect more proof of what they ’ re doing.

. Other Actions to Take.

In a case where the user is straight triggering you distress in any method, it’’ s likewise possible to simply silenceor obstruct them so that they can ’ t contact you any longer. To mute somebody , right-click on their choose and username the Mute choice.


This will guarantee that you can no longer see their messages in a server channel. , the user will still be able to contact you through private call messages. You ’ ll have to obstruct the user rather if you desire to avoid this.


To obstruct somebody, right-click on the choose and username the Block alternative. This will stop them from having the ability to call you and if you ’ re pals with them on Discord. Like silencing, you likewise won ’ t have the ability to see their messages in a server ’ s channel.


However, this might not fix your issue completely. If a user notifications you obstruct them and is planning to be harmful towards you, they’’ ll still have the capability to develop a brand-new account and contact you that method. In this case, however, you’’ ll have the ability to collect more proof that might assist you report the user to stop them from producing brand-new accounts in order to bug you.

.Reporting Someone on Discord.

When deciding to report somebody, you’’ ll wish to make sure they ’ ve broke neighborhood standards or server guidelines plainly. Ensuring of this prior to you report somebody will guarantee that they’’ re most likely to be prohibited.

Issues with others online can be a discouraging experience, so if you’’ re finding this as an issue, it can likewise assist to attempt and deescalate the circumstance yourself. Whatever takes place, feel in one’s bones there are constantly alternatives to get the issue dealt with.


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