Introducing Pacific Pink, One of 2022’s Trending Colors

We analyzed search data from around the globe to compile our annual Color Trend report, and this oceanic pink is gaining traction.

Pacific PinkImage via Tania Peresadko.

Pacific PinkImage via Alexei Vladimir.

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Introducing Pacific Pink

Dusky and deep, Pacific Pink has an old-world quality reminiscent of dried flowers, quiet sunsets, or the whimsical set of a Wes Anderson movie.

It takes its name from its gentle coastal personality, with a shell-like hue evocative of glimmering Pacific beaches. 

Pacific PinkImages via Tefik rustemov, VladKK, wee dezign, and BAZA Production.

When combined with bolder shades, such as teal or aqua blue, it takes on a more modern mood, bringing life and dynamism to web banners or social media posts. 

Pacific PinkImages via Light Stock, Chones, Nik Fox, and Ulada.

Where Is Pacific Pink on a Color Wheel?

Although pink, being a tint of red, doesn’t feature on a traditional painter’s color wheel, it’s often nestled between red and mauve on more contemporary wheels.

As a dusty pink shade, Pacific Pink contains a small dose of violet, which lends it a slightly more subdued mood than more vivid pinks.

Quite the opposite of somber, however, violet provides a subtle vivacity, giving this warm and cosseting pink a distinctly nostalgic and old-fashioned character, making it feel timeless and classic.  

Color WheelColor wheel image adapted from contributor Antun Hirsman.

Pacific Pink’s Complementary Color

Being a tint of red, pink would sit opposite pale or lime green on a color wheel. However, given that Pacific Pink contains a dose of violet, making it a slightly darker and cooler pink, it shifts towards the redder side of the spectrum.

Red’s complementary color is green, so it makes sense that Pacific Pink is complementary to greener blues, particularly pale teal. 

Complementary Colors

Pacific Pink’s Analogous Colors

An analogous scheme uses the colors bordering pink on either side of the color wheel. On a contemporary color wheel Pacific Pink is bordered by red and mauve, which can be used to create a subtle, graduating color scheme. 

You can also branch out one step further and bring Velvet Violet and deep midnight blue into the mix for an analogous scheme with more variation.

Analogous Colors

Pacific Pink’s Triadic Colors

A triadic scheme includes colors that sit across from Pacific Pink in a equidistant triangle on the color wheel. Blue and golden yellow are the perhaps unexpected triadic companions to Pacific Pink, which creates an oceanic-inspired scheme. 

Triadic Colors

The Meaning and Psychology of Pacific Pink

Pink is a surprisingly complex color with a conflicted history of meanings and associations. Up until the early twentieth century, pink was considered a masculine color, which may have stemmed from the fact that it’s a tint of red (long associated with male virility and aggression), and was a common color worn by boys and young men. It still retains some of this association when used as a sporty, preppy color for men’s clothing. 

Later in the twentieth century, pink became more strongly associated with femininity and children, and is one of the few colors that remains broadly gender-specific in popular culture.

It’s also symbolic of kindness, compassion, love, and romance, and is frequently used in connection with branding for charities, hospitals, and female-targeted businesses. 

Think Pink! Discover the Design Power and Symbolism of the Color Pink

Luckily, pink is starting to shed its outdated feminine associations, with the popularity of Millennial Pink signaling a strong shift towards pink as a color that has generational rather than gender-specific affiliations.

Pink is the color of social media, gender fluidity, and activism, rather than limited as the color of menstrual products or nurse’s uniforms.  

Pacific PinkImage via BAZA Production.

Pacific Pink represents the next step from Millennial Pink, being a deeper, darker, and generally more mature take on a rosy hue. With its dose of violet, this dusky hue has a grounding and rounded character that makes it feel less flamboyant and frivolous than bolder or paler pinks.

This rich pink can be used as an atmospheric, flattering color for a range of projects, and it also acts as a versatile neutral tone when teamed with accent colors such as turquoise, emerald green, or teal. 

Pacific PinkImage via Lena Nester.

Pacific Pink has an old-fashioned, tea rose character when used in isolation, making it a vintage-friendly hue to pair with typewriter fonts or sepia-tinted photography, particularly for wedding stationery.

Teaming Pacific Pink with blues or greens really helps to pull this classic rosy hue into 2022, balancing its warmth and cocooning stability with a cool and refreshing energy. 

Data-Backed Ways to Think Pink for Your Next Campaign

How to Design with Pacific Pink

Pacific Pink is an adaptable pink that can be used effectively across a wide variety of design projects. Applied in isolation, it gives a distinctly vintage feel to layouts, graphics, or illustrations, and has a sedate mood that helps viewers feel calm.

It’s a natural fit for designs that need to appear both approachable and mature, such as wedding invitations, informational posters, or signage. 

As a versatile, deep pink, Pacific Pink is able to take on some of the characteristics of other colors when used in combination. You can add a more conservative element to a scheme by pairing it with charcoal, midnight blue, or bottle green, as is demonstrated in the brand identity for law firm Pro et Contra below. 

Pro et ContraBrand identity for law practice Pro et Contra created by Ukrainian creatives Orchidea Agency.

When teamed with other dusky or muted hues, such as peach, brown, or apricot, Pacific Pink takes on a distinctly vintage character. Throw vintage-inspired typefaces and illustrations into the mix and a Wes Anderson aesthetic is yours. 

Louie RestaurantA vintage-inspired identity for Louie Restaurant by Violaine & Jeremy.

Mamie RestaurantMenus which wouldn’t look out of place at The Grand Budapest Hotel are given a vintage feel with Pacific Pink. Identity created by Violaine & Jeremy for Mamie Restaurant.

In interior design, Pacific Pink offers warmth and style in equal measure. Team with other warm hues, such as red or coral for the ultimate comforting space, or pair Pacific Pink accents with warm wood and mink gray for an ultra-sophisticated and vintage-tinted effect. 

Pacific Pink InteriorImage via ImageFlow.

Pacific Pink CouchImage via Followtheflow.

Pacific Pink: 10 Color Palettes to Discover and Inspire

Bring out the different sides of Pacific Pink’s diverse personality with these ten on-trend color schemes for 2022. Whether it’s a fresh coastal-inspired palette or a cocktail-worthy mix of juicy shades, there’s something here for every type of project.

Scroll down to discover ten FREE Pacific Pink palettes, and save your favorites to a Pinterest board or your computer.

1. Jade Coast

Amp up the impact of your designs with this coastal-inspired scheme, combining Pacific Pink with complementary green teal and dark maroon for extra depth. This warm and cool palette lends Pacific Pink a fresh and earthy mood.

Earthy Color PaletteImage via Radu Bercan.

2. Charcoal Rose

Dark, gothic colors are the most stylish foil to Pacific Pink’s rosy innocence. Here, dark charcoal, slate gray, and silver gray help to create a chic scheme that would suit interior design or more formal brand identities. 

Pink/Gray Color PaletteImage via Anastasiia Popova.

3. The Influencers

If you’re looking for an eclectic aesthetic, this Wes Anderson-inspired palette will help to bring an eccentric touch to your design projects.

Cherry red, pastel purple, and cyan blue are unexpected and fun-loving companions to Pacific Pink’s understated elegance.

Pastel Color PaletteImage via andersphoto.

4. Pink Lady

Create the cocktail for the perfect color palette with this delectable scheme. Peach and coral red sit naturally alongside Pacific Pink, bringing sunset warmth, while lime green provides a refreshing accent hue.

Coral Color PaletteImage via FREEPIK2.

5. Grand Pacific

Cyan Blue gives a fresh aspect to this all-pink palette, which graduates from pale powder pink to deep fuchsia. This palette has a vintage feel without feeling stuffy, making it a good choice for designs that require a subtly nostalgic mood

Pink/Blue Color PaletteImage via Katya Havok.

6. Dusky Deco

Forest and bottle green make elegant partners to Pacific Pink, giving designs a sophisticated, old-world feel. Teamed with metallic or non-metallic gold, the scheme is elevated to luxurious levels. Use in interior design, fashion, or high-end branding for effortless polish.  

Pink/Green Color PaletteImage via

7. Daiquiri Sunset

This sunset-soaked triadic palette is heady and seductive, combining rich tones of neon fuchsia, electric blue, and egg yolk yellow. Try using this palette as part of a gradient background to really make the most of its sundown style.  

Gradient Color PaletteImage via Nature Peaceful.

8. Wistful Wildflower

Pale grass green and cornflower blue play up Pacific Pink’s nostalgic and delicate side in this wistful scheme. This pretty palette would be a good match for wedding stationery or lifestyle packaging. 

Blue/Pink Color PaletteImage via sundreamz.

9. Cameo House

This earthy scheme combines Pacific Pink with ochre brown, deep racing green, and pale crimson for a grounded effect. Use this palette for sustainability-themed designs to create a down-to-earth but impactful aesthetic. 

Pink Color PaletteImage via Elusive Edamame.

10. Baroque Blush

Faded decadence is the inspiration for this graceful palette that combines Pacific Pink with other vintage hues of rich purple, rosewood, and chartreuse. An unusual and elegant scheme with enigmatic appeal.

Pink/Purple Color PaletteImage via IrenaStar.

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