Jurassic Quest: A Prehistoric Journey You Need to See

Breaking news!! Santa Clara county has been invaded by over 70 dinosaurs and they are hungry! We advise all curious and inquisitive young paleontologists who desire a safe view of these beasts to proceed cautiously down to Santa Clara County Fairgrounds but to stay within their vehicles at all times. Read on for an exclusive first look at these ferocious creatures then make sure to reserve a time slot (don’t forget the promo code!) for your chance to come face-to-face with these behemoths.

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Jurassic Quest is a drive-thru event complete with a digital audio tour. Prior to arrival, guests are texted a link which, when opened on a cellular device, streams one of three different narrated stories through YouTube or SoundCloud. The kid-friendly ones recommended by the staff are The Adventures of Nick & Marty and Safari Sarah’s Big Day. Signs and placards along the route give instructions of when to start, pause and resume the audio tour. 

The dinosaurs range from small Velociraptors to an 80 foot long Spinosaurus along with a nursery of baby dinosaurs sure to delight the family. The ever popular Tyrannosaurus Rex and his herbivore friends Stegosaurus and Triceratops are also among the notable dinos. Prepare for the Jaws theme song to play in your head at the sight of the impressive Megadolon and be glad it’s a prehistoric creature!

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Meticulous detailing of each dinosaur was made in consultation with leading paleontologists to ensure that every detail is replicated—be it feathers, fur or scales. The dinosaurs move in convincing fashion with heads and tails swinging, eyes blinking and roar intermittently so make sure to have your windows open for the full effect.


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We absolutely love that each dinosaur is accompanied by a sign that states not only its name but the correct pronunciation (say “Pachycephalosaurus” three times in a row) — this is particularly helpful in the education of parents whose dinosaur species knowledge might be lacking. We also love that this experience is safe, contact-free and a fun way to entertain the kids and we think you will, too!

Good to know:
•  There is an enticing souvenir booth you must drive through to exit so it may help to prepare the kids beforehand (read: prevent meltdowns) or consider purchasing a Quest pack to save money
•  A free, safari-style photo with families in their vehicles and a dino as a backdrop is included at the end of the tour
• The tour lasts about one hour, porta potties are on site

Getting there:
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, Lot A
441 Tully Rd (entrance off 7th Ave)

Tickets: jurassicquest.com
Red Tri readers use JQREDTRI for 10% off

—photos and story by Christine Lai


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