‘Keep an eye on your surroundings’: TikToker catches ‘creepy’ woman following people and opening their car doors

 TikTok Creepy Car Woman

A TikToker captured a lady on video attempting to open individuals’’ s vehicle doors as they entered into their cars themselves.


The caption checks out: ““ If you reside in Arizona keep an eye out for this old woman. We faced her later &&she was scary. ” The TikTok presently has 18 million views.

In the TikTok, published by @thenotoriousthree, the lady enjoys a male and what seems his kid walk towards their automobile in a parking area. The older lady gradually strolls behind them and awaits them to open their automobile doors and enter. She then approaches the lorry and opens the back entrance and looks within.

There is no audio on the video detailing the discussion, however the owner of the car looks throughout the hood of the vehicle and gazes at the lady, who shuts the door and puts her hands up. The video eliminates right as she turns away.

One commenter asked why the TikToker simply waited while the girl did this. She made an action video in which she discusses that she believed the female might have been requesting for cash or doing something else.


She states the lady likewise attempted to enter into her vehicle however believed she might have not understood she remained in it given that her windows were tinted. She then left and did it to the household in the very first TikTok.

When she stopped taping the TikTok, she states her sweetheart increased to the lady and informed her to stop doing that given that individuals because location typically bring weapons in their vehicles. At that point, she states the lady ““ creepily ” smiled and “chuckled and “ vanished into the bushes.””


She likewise states she presumed the female may have been homeless and was wanting to take things from automobiles.

Many individuals in the remarks called the TikToker out for not doing anything, stating if the female opened her door she would plainly do it to another person. They likewise slammed her for refraining from doing anything particularly because a kid was included.

““ Still might ’ ve beeped like begun woman …. You pick up the risk and you simply record ….” ” stated @crod1796.


“ There was a kid ….” You ought to have screamed …. ”composed @saguaro_sugar.


“ So practically you let her escape and not do anything about it alright,” ” commented @galaxyiei.

Others defended the TikToker.

““ Okay for everybody that’’ s getting on her for not going out and refraining from doing absolutely nothing, y’’ all forgot that these individuals might be targeting ANYONE and likewise might be bring a fatal weapon besides a weapon! A minimum of they challenged the old woman! TF!” ” stated @lkafualo.


“ A great deal of time ppl won ’ t do the exact same thing two times in the very same location. It ’ s idiotic. That ’ s why she tape-recorded cause she didn ’ t understand if it was gon na take place, ” composed @venomlegion.

Some believed the ““ weird ” lady might have been struggling with a psychological condition.

““ Why not wish that lady, obviously she’’ s lost or’possibly she ’ s in crisis, you simply never ever understand somebody’’ s scenario, ” stated @azcaliente602.


Another commenter stated a relative of hers has actually handled the lady personally:

““ My auntie combated with her the other day since she [believed] my more youthful infant cousin was her boy and my other child cousin, his sibling, was all set to eliminate,” ” composed @helenavargas61.

““ Someone else stated they understand her and she has phase 2 dementia or something,” ” the developer responded.

Most individuals were merely worried about the scenario at hand.

““ I ’ m sorry old individuals are not exempt from these hands,” ” stated @phoenixjade94.

““ Thank you for taping, often it’’ s all you can do when you put on ’ t understand what ’ s taking place, ” commented @missfreudianslit.

The Daily Dot connected to the TikToker through remark area.

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