Kitchen Bump Bar Plays Doom Between Orders

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Kitchen Bump Bar Plays Doom Between Orders

For as much as we like reverse engineering jobs, we need to confess that we practically skipped on this “cooking area bump bar” hack . Having never ever had the benefit of operating in the food-service market — — well, there was that time operating at Chuck E. Cheese’s, however that just lasted for one shift — — we were uninformed of what a bump bar is, and the whys and hows of hacking one to the point where it can play Doom.

We’re delighted we persevered, however, due to the fact that [Kiwa]’s hack is quite cool, and we got to discover a little about the innovation of the modern-day industrial cooking area. The majority of junk food and household casual dining establishments have what’s referred to as a “kitchen area display screen system”, which passes on orders from the wait personnel to the cooking area. You’ve most likely seen parts of the KDS, like the touch screens utilized by the wait personnel to go into orders, or the screens hanging in the kitchen area that show the pending orders. A bump bar is a little terminal utilized by the kitchen area team to examine orders and move them around in the line, or “bump” them, as requirements determine.

The bump bar [Kiwa] went into seems a design from the early 2000s and extremely steadily developed, as anything utilized in a cooking area would require to be. Linked to a keyboard and a screen, [Kiwa] found that it booted right into an OS with all the familiar features of DOS. After a detour for a teardown and disposing the flash contents, [Kiwa] had the ability to boot it up and run Doom, albeit rather gradually. It likewise appears like he’s got a number of various Windows variations running, and even played some Solitaire.

It’s constantly enjoyable to see what will run Doom — — an NES , an oscilloscope , a thermostat , or perhaps a bag of potatoes .

Thanks to [Fritnando] for the idea.


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