Make your logo mockups look their best with these templates

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Make your logo mockups look their best with these templates

Logo mockups give you a preview of what your finished product will look like. They’re a critical part of designing and developing products, packaging, labels, apps, apparel and nearly everything else because they show how the design will be stretched, draped, formatted and fitted when it’s complete. Specifically, they show how your logo and other branding elements will look on a finished product.

Creating a logo mockup doesn’t have to be difficult. When you need one quickly, use a mockup template. The internet is home to tens of thousands of logo mockup templates that you can use to create logo mockups in Photoshop and other design programs.

Four hands holding up logo designsIllustration by OrangeCrush
What makes a good logo mockup?

A good logo mockup is one that provides context for the design it’s displaying. It’s also one that follows the best practices for mockups, as detailed in our post on the dos and don’ts of design mockups.

Here are a few well-designed, effective mockups:

brown vials of essential oils
round brown logo on a coffee bean bag, cup and business cards
rendering of a carrot juice bottle

The logo mockups above really set the scene for the brand’s design and identity.

Now compare these to the more generic mockups below:

3D logo against a white background
plain aluminum bag against a gray background

See the difference between the effective ones and the generic ones?

A generic logo mockup shows how a logo will look on a product, but that’s all it shows. It doesn’t showcase the design on the product the way a well-crafted logo mockup does. A great logo mockup puts your logo in the spotlight.

Although you can design your own mockups from scratch, sometimes you just don’t have the skills, resources or time to do that. When that’s the case, these templates make the process of mocking up your designs quick and easy. Check out our collection of templates for awesome logo mockups from around the net.

Best logo mockups for signage

Modern facade sign mockup
dark-colored building with 3D text signvia Freepik

Cost: Free

Before you sink a ton of money into an outdoor sign, use a logo mockup to see how your logo will look on a building. With this mockup, you can see exactly how a big, shiny version of your logo will reflect the light that hits it.

Neon procreate kit
round neon sign-style logo with a pineapple and a martinivia Creative Market

Cost: Free

If you’ve ever wanted to see your logo as a neon sign, this is the mockup template for you! With this kit, you get 16 brushes, 30 swatches and 19 unique backgrounds to work with. One thing to keep in mind about this mockup template is that it’s only compatible with Procreate.

Vintage logo plus brick wall mockup
sienna-filtered brick wall with a round white logo painted onto itvia DesignHooks

Cost: Free

Vintage-inspired logos are cool. And exposed brick walls are cool. So if you’re creating a cool brand, like a hip coffee shop or a chic downtown boutique, check out how your logo will look painted on an exposed brick wall with this logo mockup.

Logo on office wall premium mockup
rendering of a white office wall with a shiny black logo on itvia Freepik

Cost: Included with subscription, which costs $14.99/mo

This mockup template shows how a logo will look on a clean, modern office wall. While there are plants and office furniture next to the logo to set the scene, none of them detract from the focal point: the logo on the wall. This makes it perfect for slick, modern corporate designs.

Shop facade logo mockup
rendering of a large logo sign on an outdoor shopvia DesignHooks

Cost: Free

With this mockup, you can easily see how a logo will look on the side of a large outdoor shop, like the kind found in an outlet mall or outdoor lifestyle center. It’s a handy mockup for anybody designing logos for retail or dining.

Blank minimal circular shop signboard mockup
round white wall-mounted backlit sign with a black logovia Freepik

Cost: Included with subscription, which costs $14.99/mo (or free with attribution link)

If the previous mockup template was perfect for brands that can be found in outdoor malls and shopping centers, this mockup template is ideal for brands that find themselves on main streets and chic downtowns. It’s still outdoor signage, but it’s smaller and more sophisticated—and perfect for those smaller, boutique retail brands.

Logo on glass storefront premium mockup
mockup showing a logo decal on a reflective glass windowvia Freepik

Cost: Included with subscription, which costs $14.99/mo

In contrast to the large sign mockup templates, this template shows how your logo will look as a window decal. Specifically, it shows how it will appear on clear glass, so you can see whether objects behind the glass will make your logo difficult to see and if you need to create a version with a white or colored background for windows.

Best logo mockups for web and mobile

Developer iMac mockup
man sitting at a desk, looking at an iMac screen showing a white logo on a red backgroundVia Mockup Tree

Cost: Free

If the iMac is known for anything, it’s known for its HUGE monitor. And in this mockup, you can see how your logo will look displayed alone on a big, bright iMac monitor.

Mockup of a computer on a home office desk
Desktop monitor on a desk with pencils, markers and a rose beside it, picture frames on the wallvia Placeit

Cost: $7.95 or included with a PlaceIt subscription for $14.95 per month/$89.69 per year

Today, working from home is more common than ever before. With this mockup, you get a preview of exactly how your logo (or website) will look when displayed on somebody’s desktop in their home office… assuming their home office is this organized, that is.

iOS icon template mockup
Mockup showing different iOS icon optionsVia Behance

Cost: Free

This mockup delivers clean, straightforward iOS icons in a variety of sizes and colors. Each of the mockups features geometric imagery, giving them that modern, tech-y feel frequently found on iOS app icons.

Man with Android mockup
Photo of a man with his back to the viewer and an Android screen facing the viewervia PlaceIt

Cost: $7.95 or included with a PlaceIt subscription for $14.95 per month/$89.69 per year

This mockup is perfect for anybody developing a payment app, a rewards app, a local guide app or an app for an independent coffee shop. The logo is displayed prominently on the Android phone and the viewer can clearly see exactly when and where somebody would use that app.

iPhone X mock ups – 9 angles
yellow geometric icon mockup shown at 9 different angles on an iPhonevia Graphic Burger

Cost: Free

This cool mockup shows something a lot of other mockup templates don’t—how your logo will look at different angles. See how it will look head-on, three quarters profile, tilted upward and laying flat on the ground, so you can get a look at how any 3D elements or depth-creating design choices look when rotated and tilted different ways.

Isometric 3D mockup
colorful 3D text and music note iconvia Creative Market

Cost: $8 for personal use, $10 for commercial use, $24 for extended commercial use

This mockup set shows how a logo would look rendered in 3D as an app icon or as 3D text. It gives the user lots of colorful options, which makes it perfect for any brand looking for a modern, tech-y look.

Best logo mockups for product labels and packaging

Food packaging premium mockup
mockup showing meat packaging with a black basevia Freepik

Cost: Included with subscription, which costs $14.99/mo

For label designers and food manufacturers, a logo mockup template that shows how the actual product will look is a necessity for determining the right scale, color palette and placement for the logo. It’s not enough to do it on a generic box or bag template; if you’re designing for a meat brand—particularly a modern, organic one—you need an artisan butcher-style meat packaging template.

Bottle logo plus wooden case mockup
whiskey bottle lying in a hinged wooden boxvia DesignHooks

Cost: Free

Like any well-designed logo mockup template, this one gets specific about what kind of brand it’s showcasing. In the whiskey world, there are bottles, and then there are bottles that come in boxes. If you’re the latter, flaunt it from the start with this mockup template.

Kraft label cards mockup
collection of different cardboard label sizes with white text on themvia Pixeden

Cost: Free

Calling all crafters, DIYers and Etsy enthusiasts—this mockup template is for you! With this template, you can quickly see how your unique logo will look on earthy cardboard product tags.

8 Photorealistic paper box  & logo mockup
mockups of a folded paper takeout container, business card and coffee cupvia Envato Market

Cost: $11 for regular license, $165 for extended license

This mockup collection is perfect for any donut shop or other small take-out restaurant. With it, you can see how your logo will look printed on the side of a paper takeout container, on a business card, on a disposable coffee cup and on the sticker that keeps the takeout container shut.

Delicious pizza box packaging mockup
red pizza box rendering with pizza in itvia Eymockup

Cost: $5

This mockup template creator got it right when they named it—the pizza in that mockup does look delicious! So if you’re designing a logo for a pizza shop, make sure you mock it up with this tasty template to ensure maximum yumminess.

Hair beauty cream jar mockup
green and tan jar next to smaller jar and boxvia Eymockup

Cost: $3

While this mockup template doesn’t include a scene to set the stage for the brand being showcased, it does contain multiple layers of packaging that would include variations of a beauty brand’s logo. If you’re designing a logo for a product that needs this kind of packaging, this mockup makes it easy to see how the design variants come together for a cohesive look and feel.

Best logo mockup templates for apparel

Small baby socks mockup
three pairs of baby socks with unicorns on themvia Eymockup

Cost: $3

No matter what you want to print your logo onto, there’s a mockup for it somewhere on the internet! Unique mockup templates like this one are great to have in your arsenal because they can make a connection with clients who are looking for something beyond the usual t-shirt, baseball caps and hoodies.

Girl wearing crop-top hoodie mockup
teenage girl wearing hoodie with a logo on it, standing with her hand on her hipvia

Cost: Free

When you’re looking for an apparel logo mockup template, look for templates that show people in natural poses, or doing everyday activities. When they look at clothing mockups, buyers imagine themselves wearing the clothing (just like they imagine furniture mockups in their homes and outdoor space mockups in their yards). Build engagement by using mockups that feel like they feature real people, rather than models, like this one does.

Couple wearing different round neck tees mockup
man and woman, both wearing t-shirts, leaning against a vanVia PlaceIt

Cost: $7.95 or included with a PlaceIt subscription for $14.95 per month/$89.69 per year

Much like the girl wearing the crop top hoodie, the couple in this mockup template communicate an ethos that you just can’t get with a mockup showing an empty t-shirt. Show the world who your brand is for by mocking up your designs in poses and scenarios your buyers can imagine themselves in.

Father and daughter wearing T-shirts mockup
father and daughter standing beside each othervia

Cost: Free

With this mockup, you can see how your logo will look on both adult- and kid-sized t-shirts—perfect for brands that appeal to the whole family!

Woman wearing a face mask mockup
woman in a white hoodie wearing a white and blue face maskvia PlaceIt

Cost: Free or included as one of your unlimited downloads with a PlaceIt subscription for $14.95 per month/$89.69 per year

The world we live sometimes has surprises, and some aren’t so pleasant. But no matter what the surprise, mockups are a great way to adapt your logo to a product quickly. One recent example is the COVID pandemic and its ubiquitous face mask. In this mockup, you can see how your design looks on a face mask.

Best logo mockup templates for products

Tarot card mockup
mockup showing fronts and backs of tarot cardsvia Envato Market

Cost: $9 for regular license, $135 for extended license

Tarot and all other things mystical are having a moment right now, so you could very well find yourself designing a logo for a new tarot card company. With this mockup template, you can see the future—the future of your logo mockup, that is.

Juice or tea bottle mockup
three juice bottles side by side, each with a different fruit design on the labelvia Envato Market

Cost:  $8

With this mockup, you can see not just how your logo and accompanying label design will wrap on juice or tea bottles; you can see how the color of the actual beverage complements (or contrasts) the colors you’ve chosen for your design. When you’re designing a label for any type of clear or semi-transparent packaging, that’s crucial because when buyers see your product, they don’t just see the label—they take in the whole image and how the label works with the product.

Packaging mockup
pouch packaging beside two paper coffee cups, resting beside coffee beans, cinnamon and croissantsVia PlaceIt

Cost: $7.95 or included with a PlaceIt subscription for $14.95 per month/$89.69 per year

This mockup is perfect for any coffee bean roastery that also sells coffee by the cup, because it shows you how your logo would look in two places: a resealable bag of beans or grounds and on the to-go cups you give your customers. It’s really two mockups in one—a score for any designer creating a logo for an indie roaster.

Spa envato cosmetics mockup
colorful body care product bottles lined up beside each othervia Eymockup

Cost: $3

This mockup template is simple, but it demonstrates a lot. It not only provides context for the logo being showcased (a rejuvenating spa setting); it shows all different ways the same logo can be used on different products in the same line.

Mockup of two stemless wine glasses
two stemless wine glasses on a table with a wine glass and a candlevia PlaceIt

Cost: $7.95 or included with a PlaceIt subscription for $14.95 per month/$89.69 per year

The best mockup templates are ones that set a whole scene. And as you can easily tell, this is a great mockup template because it shows you exactly when, where and why your branded stemless wine glasses will see some action.

Best logo mockups for stationery

Branding mockup featuring an assortment of stationery items
collection of office supplies including stationery, pens, paper clips and business cardsvia PlaceIt

Cost: $7.95 or included with a PlaceIt subscription for $14.95 per month/$89.69 per year

Often, when you order business cards with your logo, you also order other office supplies with it. This mockup shows you, at a glance, how your logo will look on a variety of office supplies—a great way to see a lot of different objects without downloading multiple templates.

A4 paper mockup
sheet of paper with gold layout, flat next to a plant and binder clipsVia Mockup Tree

Cost: Free

One of the great things about this mockup is that it provides the desktop plant, the binder clips, the pencil and the paperclips in the dish to give your logo a clear sense of scale when it’s printed on a sheet of A4 paper. This is incredibly useful when you’re determining how much detail to add into your logo and how much will be lost when scaled to this size.

Free metallic foil logo mockup
business card with logo imprint in bronze metallic foilvia Mockup Tree

Cost: Free

Business cards are the logo’s natural habitat. If your brand is a little bit fancy (or even a lot fancy), why not show it off by giving your logo some metallic pizazz on your business card? This mockup shows how your logo will look in sophisticated metallic foil, perfect for any glam head-turning brand.

Stationery mockup featuring a solid color background
different sizes of papers mockupvia PlaceIt

Cost: $7.95 or included with a PlaceIt subscription for $14.95 per month/$89.69 per year

Much like a few other mockup templates in this collection, this one provides different sizes of products to give you a sense of how your logo will appear on various sizes of paper. It also shows you white paper vs unbleached, so you can get your logo’s colors just right before sending it to print.

Prime flyer poster mockup 2019
Rolled and flat wine postervia Eymockup

Cost: $2

This poster mockup is awesome because it doesn’t just show you how your printed poster will look lying flat; it shows you how it will look rolled up. That way, you can angle your logo so the part that’s immediately recognizable—like your name—will be visible before the posters are even unfurled.

And one bonus logo mockup

There was one more mockup template that didn’t fit into any of the other categories, but we thought it was just too cool not to share:

Wax seal logo mockup
red wax seal on a white envelopeVia Mockup Tree

Cost: Free

We know people don’t send many handwritten letters these days, but we say bring back the art of letter-writing! If you’re planning on adding a little fancy to your branding efforts, this mockup will show you exactly how your fancy sealed envelopes will look!

Need unique logo mockups?

Logo mockup templates are great, but they can’t compare to a fully customized mockup by a skilled designer. When a mockup template just doesn’t cut it, work with one of the talented designers on our platform to put your logo’s best foot forward.

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