It appears that a modern-day desire we have is to ‘‘ enhance’ things, that is to make things much better, more effective, and so on

But the concern:

Once you have accomplished the top of optimum, … … then is the objective to make every effort towards * MORE OPTIMAL * for the sake of it?

Perhaps this is so. When once again, 100 years ago we never ever believed we would require vehicles. And after autos, we never ever believed we required electrical cars and trucks.

.What is our optimum objective?

From a fundamental one, it is towards simpleness and lightness. Enhancing your gadgets isn’’ t enhancing for more capable and effective gadgets, however lighter ones. With packaging and taking a trip, anything you might shed even half an ounce is a great thing.

For example, the next iPhone you get, put on’’ t purchase an iPhone pro purchase an iPhone mini rather. And for your next laptop computer, put on’’ t get a MacBook Pro, get a MacBook Air rather.

Also with clothing and shoes, just enhance for lightness. I discovered the Uber light-weight shoe to be these ““ L run ” shark shoes water shoes on Amazon, which wear’’ t need socks either. Up until I might discover something more minimalist than that, it isn’’ t worth it.

Also with clothes, with winter, the lightest is best. I truly like montbell for the uber light-weight coat, as well as the Uniqlo ultralight down coats.

For trousers, merino wool leggings appear supreme.


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