NAC and PXE boot/imaging PCs

Helping carry out a NAC (Clearpass particularly) and attempting to approach the issue of PXE envisioning and booting Windows 10 gadgets. Our org is taking a look at MAC auth for the PXE boot part which works ok as Clearpass can recognize PXE boot customers and after that a switch to 802.1 x throughout the image procedure as quickly as Windows is up and joined our ADVERTISEMENT and gets GPO settings and so on. From the men checking they have actually not had the ability to get the gadget to remain validated throughout the imaging procedure and it winds up reconnecting continuously and obviously disrupting the imaging procedure. As soon as the gadget is released, looking online many individuals appear to simply do MAC bypass for imaging and brand-new gadgets and then 802.1 x. Has anybody succeeded with anything aside from MAC auth for imaging gadgets? Thanks.

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