Need a second laptop for streaming? This refurbished MacBook Pro is under $450.

TL;DR: Need a new laptop? As of May 26, grab a refurbished MacBook Pro for only $449.

Using the same laptop for work and pleasure isn’t always the best idea. Sure, modern devices are built to handle multitasking. But working for eight-plus hours and streaming for even more can start to take a toll on your battery and processing power. 

Save your new laptop for your work tasks and get this refurbished MacBook Pro for pleasure. It’s less than $450 for a limited time.

Hailing from 2012 but refurbished by pros to work perfectly well (thought it may have a few light scuffs and scratches), this MacBook Pro packs 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 2.5GHz Core i5 processor. You’ll also get 120GB of SSD storage. And since it’s an older model, it has plenty of onboard connectivity options. Read more…

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