Relaxed curves and light, mellow monochrome decor make a smooth minimalist statement across these two tranquil modern home interiors. The laconic colour palette presents clear spaces for a clear mind, where one can indulge in deep thought and meditation, or enjoy deep conversation without the distraction of abundant colour and jarring linearity. Huge windows fill these elegant home interiors with blissful sunlight, which falls softly upon curvaceous furniture silhouettes, huge round living room rugs, subtle decorative vases, and architectural arches. Creamy, minimalist living spaces and bedrooms form a cohesive calm throughout, gently set aglow by perimeter LEDs. Uber stylish modern fireplaces provide a welcoming, cosy flicker of flame.

Visualizer: Ben Space Design  

Our first soothing home interior features a double height living room with huge windows that bring in expansive views of the city and copious amounts of natural light. Creamy decor reflects the daylight deep into the generously sized living room. A modern fireplace flickers brightly inside its sophisticatedy understated hearth.

A round rug circles the spacious lounge layout, holding a soft channel tufted sofa and two lounge chairs in a cosy arrangement around a modern coffee table.

The deeply cushioned, tufted sofa design has a curvy silhouette that gently coordinates with the mismatched, comfortable chairs.

The projector-friendly living room features a drop down screen, which retracts into the stucco wall. Due to the single colour decor, a mezzanine landing goes almost unnoticed behind a clear glass balustrade.

An architectural archway has built-in shelves to display a subtle, colour coordinated arrangement of decorative items.

A stylish, fluted vase adorns the coffee table.

Rattan units and wooden wall shelves attractively line the hallway of the home with natural tones, which are softly illuminated under ribbons of LED light.

The lounge area has an open connection with a large dining room.

In the minimalist dining room, the arched recess configuration repeats on the opposite side of the supporting wall. The neighbouring kitchen is accessed via a pocket door with a fashionably fluted finish.

A modern fruit bowl provides a simple but effective table centrepiece.

A decorative vase elegantly accessorises the other end of the long dining table.

Muted botanicals bring in a hint of the outdoors whilst remaining true to the interior colour scheme.

At the back of the living room, a spiral staircase winds up to the mezzanine landing.

The spiral staircase is lit along its treads by thin LED strips.

LED ribbons curve inside the bannister recess.

Upstairs, the large bedroom features a split level floor that separates the sleeping area from a home workspace.

The home workspace is custom furnished with an L-shaped desk installation, storage and wall shelves.

LEDs light the perimeter of the room, and highlight the change in floor height around the bed.

Decorative vases add an attractive touch to the practical work area.

A modern wall sconce provides reading light above an upholstered headboard.

A wooden side table keeps reading material close to hand at one side of the bed. At the opposite side, a chest of drawers can be used either as home office storage or as a bedside unit.

The window is curved at its corner to avoid making jarring angles inside of the bedroom. A decorative wall mirror pools a silvery puddle against the cream stucco wall.

Visualizer: YIFN Digital Art Research Office  

In this minimalist living room, a milky white focal wall features an oblique, inverted arch.

The arched architectural recess complements a curved sofa design, a round living room rug, and a gently arched ceiling line.

A paper floor lamp glows gently beside a unique and eye-catching fireplace design.

The pure white chimney breast is crafted to appear peeled back like curtains, to reveal the modern fireplace inside.

At the opposite end of the hearth, the white stucco volume is carved away to make a shelf for logs.

A round skylight fits satisfyingly into a curved wall in the entryway. This central, curved entryway connects the living room with the kitchen and dining spaces.

The milky monochrome colour scheme spills continuously from living room, to entryway, to kitchen diner. Pristine, handle-free, white kitchen units quietly line the back of the kitchen behind a curvaceous kitchen island.

The white racetrack-shaped kitchen island holds the hob and sink, and cleanly separates the kitchen from the dining area. The curved dining table features a built-in planter at one end, bringing a sudden spark of natural greenery to the white room.

Inside the first bedroom design, an upholstered bed is bordered by a textured rug. Mismatched bedside tables prevent the laconic decor scheme from appearing stagnant. A covered balcony extends the space and makes home for another burst of natural greenery.

An elegant pendant light and a cylindrical bedside table nestle perfectly into a curved recess. See more inspiration for chic bedroom pendant lights.

The master bedroom is a wide space with a reading nook arranged by the window. The floor reading lamp and bedroom chair are elevated onto a slightly raised floor section, which creates clear differentiation between areas of function. The ceiling above the sleeping area is curved at its corners to form soothing lines.

An open doorway gives entry into a walk-in closet.

The dressing area is a treasure trove of curved walls and atmospheric lighting. Floating wall shelves display designer bags and shoes under the gentle illumination, which fashions an exclusive boutique ambience.

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