Smooth microcement decor moulds this interesting home concept with curvaceous walls and a calmly cohesive pale colour scheme. Visualised by Eugene Shkilnyuk, this unusual decor scheme is rooted in an ultra modern realm, although a moment of stone age styling chisels out a unique kitchen island design that straddles majesty and madness. Shaded with heavy black accents, this monochrome home interior holds high contrast living spaces that are emphasised under spectacular round skylights and a modern lighting system that snakes freely across microcement ceilings. The material palette and lighting scheme holds firm in the master bedroom, where we visit a minimalist workspace and an open plan ensuite bathroom.

A black modular sofa slices darkly through the white microcement living room. Its armless profile and low back give the piece a simple, minimalist aesthetic.

A huge round rug encircles the black sofa with a solid grey landing spot. Its circular outline echoes the large, round skylight that’s situated directly above the lounge area.

Two black end tables wrap around the armless sofa design, which keeps the dark lounge combination looking streamlined and uncluttered within the light surroundings. A wide expanse of windows open up the living room to an influx of bright natural daylight and a floor to ceiling panorama. Clean white drapes fall between the gently curved window panes.

The modular sofa is set into a dual aspect arrangement. One side of the seating looks upon a solid white wall for movie projections, whilst the other side faces toward the mesmerising view that’s provided by Mother Nature herself.

Nestled in the embrace of the curved window, two club chairs and a Sampei floor lamp
designed by Davide Groppi and Enzo Calabrese furnish a comfortable reading nook. A contrasting white stone coffee table and a mature indoor plant complete the chic ensemble.

Another fabulous skylight pierces the ceiling of the kitchen diner with a wide, circular outline. The shape of the impressive skylight is complemented by a large round wall mirror, which also reflects and exaggerates the stream of daylight. Unique modern dining chairs add beats of black along the edge of a stone dining island to offset the brightness of the space.

The unique kitchen island design stands somewhere between modern genius and Flintstone fun with its coarsely chiselled stone aesthetic. Sleek kitchen drawers slide almost undetected into its rugged side. Gas hob burners bed down in the stone countertop.

A ribbon of LED light snakes freely across microcement ceilings, passing by the dominant skylight and weaving on into the lounge.

The light strip continues unbroken through the open doorway to the lounge, where it travels in tandem with the curve of the wide windows, and cuts close around the second circular skylight.

The snaking light show continues in the white microcement bedroom scheme, above a modern upholstered bed that lays down a bold black accent.

A curved wall of windows grants an enviable view around the foot of the upholstered platform bed.

A grey bedroom rug underlines the black bed with a lighter accent. The round rug also provides a deeply plush texture over the microcement flooring to keep toes warm and cosy when getting up out of bed.

Deep sides around the bed create a comfortable cocoon.

A small, slimline floor lamp provides focussed reading light up by the pillows whilst keeping the bedside table free of clutter.

The tray top bedside table design spreads a wide round footprint that is cushioned by black upholstery, which perfectly coordinates the piece with the modern bedstead. A matching bedside table wings the opposite side.

A mature indoor plant grows a softly silhouetted buffer between the sleeping area and a bedroom workspace. The tall plant also builds some much needed visual height within the low profile furniture plan.

The minimalist home workspace is fashioned with a custom-made floating microcement desk design, which appears to extrude directly out of the material-matched wall. Its enormous surface area makes plenty of room for a laptop, peripherals, paperwork, and another person to collaborate with if need be.

A white, ergonomic swivel chair pulls up to the minimalist desk design. Its black base disrupts the all-white arrangement, giving the area a sharp visual anchor. The black accent also balances out the dark branches of the indoor plant on the other side of the workspace.

Inside the luxurious bathroom, the limited material and colour palette shapes a reposeful scheme that’s complemented by pale greige sanitaryware.

A round mirror complements the dramatically scooped profile of the unique bathroom basin. Black faucets punctuate the white cement wall.

Glass walls achieve complete connection with the neighbouring lounge and kitchen diner spaces, where plants press up at the panes. The freestanding bathtub reclines beside the outer windows and the spectacular mountainous view. Privacy curtains pull closed around the bathroom space when in use, but when open they leave the landscape vista entirely unobstructed.

A freestanding shower spills openly into a black grate in the wetroom floor. A smaller freestanding bath tap echoes the same simple matt black aesthetic.

Sleek single bar towel heaters are positioned by the unusual basin, ready to hook a hand towel or a bathrobe.

A wall hung toilet and bidet set meld with the tones in the textured microcement background. A black flush plate adds the dark accent theme.

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