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The 4 Best Android Office Suites Besides Google and Microsoft

With the hectic culture these days’’ s world, mobile phones are not simply utilized for home entertainment—– they’’ ve transitioned into portable workplaces where individuals gain access to, produce and share declare school or service. And in the workplace efficiency suite market, there’’ s no rejecting that Google Workspace and Microsoft Office have actually taken […]

12L and new Android APIs and tools for large screens

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering There are over a quarter billion big screen gadgets running Android throughout tablets, foldables, and ChromeOS gadgets. In simply the last 12 months we’’ ve seen almost 100 million brand-new Android tablet activations–– a 20% year-over-year development, while ChromeOS, now the fastest growing desktop platform, grew by 92%. […]

How to cut back on social media use | Kaspersky official blog

Social networks becoming a burden? When out-of-control social media taxes your nerves, steals your focus and distracts you from important tasks, it’s time to do a digital detox. Today we will tell you how to get it done in a few easy steps. Step 1. Thin out your feed Unfollow anyone who doesn’t contribute to […]

Android apps are available to test on Windows 11 now! Here’s how to get started

When Microsoft announced Windows 11 four months ago, one of the killer new features was the operating system’s ability to run Android apps. People were understandably upset when the OS arrived without this functionality, although we were promised it would surface soon. Today the software giant is giving Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel the […]

OnePlus and OPPO are creating a unified OS: Eight key questions answered

Global OnePlus and OPPO phones will run a unified OS that’s debuting with the OnePlus 10 series. OnePlus has seen upward momentum over the last 18 months; the introduction of the Nord series catalyzed sales in key markets, the OnePlus 9 series continues to be among the best Android phones, and the Chinese manufacturer is […]

Android 12 beta 4 is here — here’s what it has (and what it doesn’t)

Android 12 is drifting ever closer to its final release on Pixel phones, with beta 4 available now. Android 11 made significant improvements to Google’s mobile OS, adding tools like chat bubbles, conversation notifications, and a built-in screen recorder. But most of its improvements were in the backend, making it rather unexciting compared to iOS […]

New multitasking feature for the Quest 2 improves Android app integration

You still need to sideload Android apps, but the new multitasking feature makes it easier than ever to run them on the Quest 2. What you need to know The new multitasking capability for the Oculus Quest 2 has finally made its way to some users. The new feature fixes some issues with running Android […]

Check out the Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft has actually revealed a brand-new color for the Xbox Wireless Controller, and it’’ s a charming pearl blue. The Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller has actually been revealed by Microsoft, and it’’ s to be offered beginning August 31. Featuring a color-shifting blue shimmer, the prismatic color crosses the controller, making it […]