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Whether you’re a gamer, a student, or a newbie, here are the best PCs running on Windows 10

Do you remember the old “Mac vs. PC” commercials that Apple used to run — you know the ones with the hip and cool Justin Long playing the Mac while the stuffy, buttoned-up John Hodgman took on the role of PC? Well, if you’re still letting your memory of those ads dictate your laptop preferences, […]

Best laptops for students: See where the MacBook falls on our list

If you’re a student, your laptop is your toolbox, your textbook, your everything — and you need a solid machine that’s going to last you from orientation to graduation. It’s an essential tool, and you need one that you can rely on: No one has the extra cash to be replacing a subpar laptop halfway […]

Need a second laptop for streaming? This refurbished MacBook Pro is under $450.

TL;DR: Need a new laptop? As of May 26, grab a refurbished MacBook Pro for only $449. Using the same laptop for work and pleasure isn’t always the best idea. Sure, modern devices are built to handle multitasking. But working for eight-plus hours and streaming for even more can start to take a toll on […]

8 great weekend deals on refurbished MacBooks

If the price on a brand-new MacBook appears overwhelming (reasonable), a reconditioned variation is the method to go. There’s a possibility of small scratches and scuffing, and the computer systems aren’t brand-new, however they are accredited to work well. We’ve put together 8 offers on reconditioned MacBooks since May 2, with markdowns of approximately 57% […]

Apple accessories on sale: AirPods Pro, charging cables, and more

In search of a Magic Keyboard or a pair of AirPods Pro? We’ve compiled these Apple accessories on sale as of May 2.  From charging cables to MacBook add-ons, save up to 62% for a limited time. Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (Certified Refurbished) The Apple Magic Keyboard features a full numeric keypad, document […]

Save on a refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad this week

TL;DR: Work from home with this refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad T430S Laptop Computer, on sale for 37% off. As of April 28, grab it for only $242.54. Whether we’re working or binge-watching your go-to Netflix series, many of us spend hours on end in front of our computers. If yours is starting to slow down, consider […]