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Pricing Guide: How Much Does it Cost to Build a Garage?

Thinking of adding a garage to your home? Be prepared to spend between $19,450 and $42,377 for construction, including materials and professional labor. How much you spend will depend on the size and complexity of your garage, as well as the materials you use.  Across different types of garages, including attached and detached, the national […]

Pricing Guide: How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

On average, installing vinyl siding around a home costs $9,324, with most homeowners paying between $4,999 and $16,836 or between $2.50 and $10.75 per square foot. Low-end vinyl siding projects cost an average of $3,060, while extensive vinyl siding projects average around $22,133.  Why vinyl siding? Vinyl siding is a popular siding choice among homeowners. […]