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Diversifying, Manufacturing and Marketing CPUs: Intel’s Strategy Detailed

Intel recently made a number of major announcements about its future product roadmaps, manufacturing technology, and marketing strategy. Not only will it open up its fab and foundry capabilities to third parties, but Qualcomm and Amazon’s AWS have already signed on as clients. We’ve often used terminology like 14nm and 10nm to describe how transistors need […]

A Guide To Creating Visual Content: Tools And Ideas

A Guide To Creating Visual Content: Tools And Ideas Everyone has long known about the enormous role that valuable and informative text plays in content marketing. Only the laziest has not written about it.  But for some reason about the use of images in content is said very rarely. But they are the “icing on […]

How to Use Real Estate Video Marketing to Sell More Property

As anyone who’s ever checked out a “spacious two bedroom” in New York City and found it was just a shoebox knows, real estate photos aren’t always accurate. And consumers and buyers know it. Snapshots alone can’t really convey light quality, neighborhood vibe, or character. If your property has all those things going for it, […]