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Interior Design, Simplicity, And Self Exploration

Visualised by Shamil Kalimulaev , this house style is born from a journey of self-exploration. The designer’’ s own desires and tastes have actually formed an airy home that’’ s styled with contemporary classics. Tidy simpleness aspects as one of the primary elements of the interior decoration. In the words of Yukio Mashima: ““ Simplicity […]

Grandiose Minimalism: Norm Residence in Montreal by Alain Carle Architecte.

Norm Residence by Alain Carle Architecte includes an extension of a single-storey structure in Baie-D’’ Urfe, Montreal , Canada, as soon as unusually orientated with really little website connection for optimum sunshine and plants. The option presents an addition that metaphorically extends the household house to welcome its environments while commemorating minimalism with a poetic […]