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Digital Organization Challenge Day 4: Keep Things Clear and Focused

Welcome to Day 4 of the 5-Day Digital Organization Challenge. We are almost at the end of the challenge, but if you just came across it, no problem! Here are the previous three days: Day 1: The Power Of the Dropzone Day 2: Keep Favorites A Click Away Day 3: What’s In A Name? In […]

Digital Organization Challenge Day 2 – Keep Favorites A Click Away

Welcome to Day 2 of the 5-Day Digital Organization Challenge. If you sanctuary’’ t yet, ensure to take a look at and contend Day 1 of the obstacle . We’’ ll wait. . Today is Star Wars Day! If you believed there was any opportunity I might let today (and for that reason this short […]

Evernote Tips and Tricks to Make You Massively Productive

I have a friend who is a carpenter. He lives and dies by his tools. One day he showed me his hammer. He said, I’ve had this hammer for 10 years. It has had four new handles and three new heads, but it is still my favorite tool (even physical tools get “updated”). He said […]