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12 Hidden Storage to Declutter Small Bedroom mess

The most challenging thing about a small bedroom is it is prone to clutter. Detail: –List Entries– 12. The Hidden toy boxes (00:51) 11. The Hidden Header Cabinet (01:37) 10. Built-in A Cabinet Literally inside the Wall (02:18) 9. The Floating Desk Idea from DIY Huntress (03:40) 8. The IKEA Windows Bench (04:34) 7. […]

Homebuilders to Feel Effects of Inflation into 2022

According to Fox Business, homebuilders face further inflation headwinds as costs are increasing across the board. The co-COO of D.R. Horton, the nation’s largest homebuilder by market capitalization, Michael Murray, told Fox Business, “We’re seeing costs really increasing across the board.” Homebuilders to Feel Effects of Inflation into 2022 Murray goes on to say the […]

These apps let you customize Windows 11 to bring the taskbar back to life

The Windows 11 taskbar. | Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge I’m not the only one who hates the new Windows 11 taskbar, and now third-party developers are coming to the rescue with apps that bring back some of the features missing in Microsoft’s latest OS. Microsoft removed basic taskbar functionality in Windows 11, […]

Pantera Pico PC review: Bigger on the inside

It fits anywhere and is surprisingly useful. Besides Android, one of my passions is finding novel ways to use tiny single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi. Most of these products have several things in common: they’re small, they’re not very powerful, they’re inexpensive, and they usually run some sort of Linux-based operating system. The Pantera […]