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Eight tips for remote students | Kaspersky official blog

Remote work and range knowing have actually become part of our truth considering that the spring of 2020, and they appear to be here to remain. University student registered after 2019 missed out on a big part of the experience. Along with the apparent drawbacks, range knowing uses advantages that are no less substantial: more […]

How to Leverage Lightroom’s New Masking Tools in Your Workflow

Unless you’’ ve simply emerged from a nuclear fallout bunker, you’’ ve most likely currently become aware of Lightroom’’ s outstanding brand-new masking tools that Adobe revealed at their yearly Adobe Max conference. PetaPixel’’ s Ryan Mense composed a terrific hands-on post covering the stretch of these brand-new masking tools. My objective for this workflow […]

How to cut back on social media use | Kaspersky official blog

Social networks becoming a burden? When out-of-control social media taxes your nerves, steals your focus and distracts you from important tasks, it’s time to do a digital detox. Today we will tell you how to get it done in a few easy steps. Step 1. Thin out your feed Unfollow anyone who doesn’t contribute to […]