The Toyota/Scion iQ was a quite cool city cars and truck regardless of the truth that sales never ever removed throughout its brief life expectancy. The compact measurements and the four-seater cabin make it perfect for city driving, although an iQ owner had a various use situation in mind: he turned his car into an off-road animal utilizing the foundations of a second-gen Suzuki Grand Vitara .

The man behind this non-traditional develop is Eric Storz who was kind adequate to share it with us. The task, called Sciuki iQ 4×× 4, began with a 2012 Scion iQ that got a quite wild transplant. We are speaking about the whole ladder-frame chassis and running equipment from a 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara – – likewise referred to as the Chevrolet Tracker.

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Predictably, in order to make it suitable with the small body of the iQ, Storz needed to reduce the Suzuki frame, cutting 17.5 inches (445 mm) in between the axles and an extra 16 inches (406 mm) off the rear overhang, while making 8 brand-new installs. For excellent procedure, the five-door version of the second-gen Grand Vitara determines 162.8 inches (4,135 mm), while the Scion iQ determines 120.1 inches (3,051 mm). The stock interior was integrated with a center console from the Suzuki and a quite requiring job was to integrate wire harnesses from both cars so the Suzuki drivetrain and the Scion animal conveniences (air-condition, heating system, lights, power windows, and so on) work effectively.

Believe it or not, the stock naturally aspirated 2.5-liter V6 from the Suzuki made it under the bonnet, producing 155 hp (114 kW/ 157 PS). Power is sent out to all 4 wheels through a four-speed automated transmission with an additional short-gear handbook shifter. For the drivetrain, Storz utilized parts from a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee at the front and made a custom back utilizing stock parts. The 15-gallon aluminum fuel tank had actually to be transferred under the motorist’s side.

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For even higher self-confidence off-road, the owner included a 3-inch lift package by Altered Ego with SoftRide coil springs and SuperFlex rear links, integrated with brand-new axles including rear and front lockers. Most significantly, he chose 17-inch wheels (rather of the stock 15 inches) shod in huge 31-inch Cooper tires making the iQ appear like a Bigfoot truck . The last touches were the LED bars installed on the front bumper and the whip flag at the back. While we presume that the enormous ground clearance and the brief wheelbase will not make an excellent mix for highway driving, this thing seems unstoppable off-road, climbing up rocks and dune with ease.

The conversion was total in August 2020 and ever since, the lorry has actually been driven for over 5,000 miles (8,046 km) on and off the beaten track. According to the owner, the overall expense was in between $7,500 and $8,000 consisting of all the parts and automobiles required for the conversion. While this sounds rather inexpensive, we need to include the 90 hours of work required to finish the develop, and the abilities needed for such a good task.

Eric Storz for sending us pictures and info


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